Future of Web Design

I’ll be in attendance at the hottest design event this year – the Future of Web Design in New York November 7 & 8. I’m excited about attending the different workshops and presentations planned for those two days. I’m really looking forward to giving my inspiration a kick in the ass! Many have emailed to ask if I would be attending the upcoming Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, but unfortunately the two events are held at the same time and I couldn’t find a (reasonable) way to be in Vegas and NYC simultaneously! Boo! For those attending Blog World […]

Mac IE – CSS

Just a quick note for anyone else who may run into this problem. I recently had someone contact me at E.Webscapes looking to hire me to troubleshoot and fix a problem they were having with the display of their custom theme on their site. I wasn’t the original designer of the theme, but the person who contacted me said that the original designer didn’t know how to fix the problem. The problem? The site displayed fine in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera and Netscape. I say it displayed fine in Internet Explorer… on a PC. But, in Internet Explorer on […]

Resolution Matters

Over the weekend I had to reshoot all of the artwork for the book because, for several reasons I just won’t go into (who needs book authoring drama?), my artwork was rejected by the art department. I cannot begin to tell you how demoralizing that is for a designer! Heh. At any rate, the publishing company gives you a very strict set of requirements about how your monitor and system needs to be set before you even THINK to begin shooting figures for print. Since Friday, my screen resolution has been set to 1024×768. I finished shooting the last of […]

Interviewed on VOISD

A few months back, Mike from the VOISD Webmaster Blog, requested an interview with me – which I was happy to participate in. We discuss my experiences as a freelance designer and my company, E.Webscapes – as well as my upcoming, soon-to-be-released, book, WordPress for Dummies, due to be published in September ’07. We talk about WordPress and why it is such a popular tool to use and whether or not I feel the freelance design market is saturated since the ‘blog boom’. Mike also has published a few other articles and interviews that were interesting: How to Automate Your […]

Stupid Coding Bloopers

Sometimes when I’m coding and working on designs, my brain goes on auto-pilot and I make some of the weirdest errors in my code, without even knowing it – causing me to load the design I’m working on and then say…”WTF??” when it doesn’t work the way I think it should. I go back and look at my code and I see some pretty silly stuff that tells me I need to pay more attention to what I’m doing. Like what? Well… In a CSS container where I want to define a height and width of an element… the normal […]

Color Inspiration

I love color – and love any application and resource that helps me in the area of color. Being colorblind has it’s challenges, you know. I found a great resource called ColourLovers and have become addicted to creating color palettes over there. Proof?… Those are four palettes that I created yesterday. As I sit and try and determine what my obsession and addiction about color means – – is there a deeper reason…I created a few palettes and decided to stop myself before I took over their whole site. I love finding new color resources. Have any to share?? Do […]

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