Redesign, Finally!

The redesign of this site has been in the works forEVER! And when I say forever..I really mean about 6-8 months of putting it on the back burner until my schedule opened up enough for me to be able to sit down and really figure out what I wanted to do. The redesign of this site went through about 6-8 different visual looks until I finally settled on what I wanted…and it took that long for me to settle. It wasn’t until my last attempt that I realized what I wanted here (at least for now): simple. clean. light. minimal. […]

Forgot to mention: Web414 June Meet Up

Tonight is my presentation at the Web414 June Meet Up – I blogged about it earlier this month. They had announced (and I had announced here on my own blog) that the Meet Up would be held at Bucketworks in Milwaukee. Since then, Southeastern Wisconsin has experienced some major storms and flooding and Bucketworks had their share of the flooding, so bad, that they had to shut down for business in order to repair. The Meet Up has been moved to: MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) Rosenberg Hall 1235 N. Milwaukee St, room 201 It starts at 7pm and I […]

Web414 – Milwaukee's Web Community

I’m really excited to have been asked to speak at a local web development/design group in Milwaukee this June. The group is called Web414 – Milwaukee’s Web Development Community, and from what I understand – it’s a group of Drupal fans, mostly – – though Mike tells me that they all appreciate WordPress. (Or maybe he just said that to make me feel more at ease??). The group is made up of mostly developers, with a smattering of designers here and there in the crowd and when I talked to Mike about what topic would be best for this crowd […]

Tighten Up Those Terms and keep copies of EVERYTHING.. forever

Many times in dealing with my clients, I fear I repeat myself too often. When a client submits their order to us, they get treated to our terms of service statement not once… not twice… not three, but four different times during the order process. Plus, I refer them to the terms of service several times throughout their browsing experience on my site. In addition, their order will not be submitted to us unless they have checked the box that says “Yes, I have read your terms of service”. They are also presented with our terms within the project quote.. […]

Bound for Austin – SXSW Here I Come

There have been many forces in the universe conspiring against my ability to make it to SXSW Interactive in Austin this year. But! I’ve emerged victorious at the 11th hour and will be hopping that plane at 7:40am tomorrow morning and winging my way to Austin for 5 days of geek-infused fun, not too mention warm weather. Make no mistake – this is a business trip for me… and work has NEVER been so much fun! My tentative schedule for the 5-day event includes: Friday, March 7 Arriving in Austin and checking into my hotel at the Four Seasons around […]

New Talent at E.Webscapes

I’m very thrilled to report that the response to my job posting for a new designer at E.Webscapes recieved such a large response. The talent out there is inspiring and I had the opportunity to talk to several designers from diverse was really an interesting couple of weeks. Due to the large response, I had a very difficult time narrowing down the candidates.. but in the end, I brought on three excellent designers to the E.Webscapes team and I’m looking foward to working with each of them. At E.Webscapes, we are currently in the position of having way more […]

Post It Toast

I totally want this. I don’t know why – I’m unsure if I’d every really use it beyond the novelty once or twice. Can’t you just envision how obnoxious this could get??? Probably why I love it so much….the obnoxious factor, and the design. h/t: Yanko Design

The Un-Design and 10 Great WordPress Plugins I'm Using

I announced earlier in the week that I was planning a redesign….and I really, really was. Except, for now – I’m not. I’m too indecisive, can’t make up my mind, can’t concentrate on anyone thing with the end result … well, the almost end result, feeling pretty disorganized. My problem is that I don’t have enough time to devote to my own stuff right now and it was feeling too forced, without any good damn reason for the redesign to begin with – – except for the fact that I’m tiring of the lightness of it all. I’ll just have […]

I'm going dark

No, I’m not going underground and hiding out – – my design is going dark! I’ve been SO white and pink for way too long and I’m feeling a dark period coming on. I’ve been working on my new redesign for several weeks, in between client projects – – adding to it, taking away from it – – throwing it all out the window and staring over. No big spectacular plans for anything mindblowing. My goal here is this: simplify with style. I hope you’ll like it – – for that matter, I hope I like it! My time for […]

Back and Buried

Just a quick note to say I’m finally back from my trip to NYC and Florida – – and am literally buried over my head in e-mails. I know exactly how the rest of my day will be spent… responding to and returning emails that have come in over the last several days. My internet connection was sketchy, at best, as I travelled. The Future of Web Design conference was pretty much a bust. I thought it would be a bit more ‘meatier’ than it turned out to be. Maybe I’ll write more about why later, when I have more […]

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