Dental Poetry


I once knew a girl
With a lopsided smile,
She drooled so darned much,
You could see it for miles.

She spent 3 hours today
In a cold dentist’s chair,
She woke up too late –
Didn’t have time to do her hair!

Four more root canals later
Her teeth are now fixed,
Soon as the numbness wears off
She’ll have a new bag-o-tricks

In the meantime it’s all numb,
She drools all over the place,
Nothing much to do now
But tuck a napkin under her face.

In a week and day
She’ll embark on this cruise
With a smile on her face
She’ll consume fruity booze!

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8 thoughts on “Dental Poetry”

  1. Jeannette you married godess, you! How was the wedding??? Must go read your blog today!

    I’m such a bad blog buddy, aren’t I? I really suck at it. Between work, teeth and deadlines before the cruise – I’ve been totally self-absorbed.

    You should really call me and give me honeymoon details! 😉 :mrgreen:

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