Day off – shoulda got more done


I had the day off work today – – received some much deserved ‘comp time’. I really should have gotten more done today – – but, Chris and I had other plans. We spent the day in our state’s capital – Madison. Not really doing anything special – – just decided to up and go and make a day of it. It was really a beautiful day — the lake was gorgeous and we ate lunch at a place called Ella’s Deli – which is a kosher deli and ice cream parlor that has awesomely delicious sandwiches. It was a good way to spend the day.

Just got home a bit ago and realized that I really need to spend time developing another website that I just registered the domain for, about a month ago. I decided to start a web/graphic design business to cater to our local community small business association. I received notice yesterday that we have, potentially, at least a dozen clients that could be knocking down our door over the next few weeks (yay for contacts in the community SBA!), so I really need to get my butt in gear over there.

But a lazy day today was well spent and much needed – – now if someone would only light a fire under my arse, maybe I could get some work done!

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