Damn Politicians!


I was flipping through my mail this afternoon. There was a few postcard type ads, a letter from my bank trying to sell me a low rate mortgage loan, a letter for renewal of my membership to the Author’s Guild and another envelope that made my stomach do flips.

It was addressed to “Ms. Lisa Sabin-Wilson” (a name I just recently started using since I got married in June of ’06). It had a stamp on the outside that said “Official Documents. Confidential. Open Immediately.”

Now, that in itself wouldn’t have gotten my attention. It was the return address:

Office of Control and Audit
blah blah blah street
Washington D.C.

Let me make this clear – – I pay my taxes like a good, law abiding citizen. I have an accountant who keeps me on the straight and narrow – – I hired him when I became self-employed because math makes me dizzy. He is about as obsessive compulsive as any bean counter out there … but my immediate thought when I saw the return address was “Oh man, I’m getting audited by the IRS”

I’ve been filing taxes for E.Webscapes since 1999, as a business. The first year or two didn’t really show much profit, but since then – it has grown steadily each year. Two years ago, I created and LLC for it and also added Blogs About Hosting in 2003. I’m a total dork when it comes to knowing whats what when it comes to taxes. I understand the basics.. income..expenses…. The line pretty much stops there. My accountant is creative – – creative and above board. So, how could this happen to me?

Do people who get audited take it personally? I hadn’t even opened the envelope – and I was taking it personally. I immediately began thinking of the nightmare this would be – – how I don’t have time to stop everything in my life to deal with an IRS audit.

I opened the envelope with much trepidation – wondering if I shouldn’t be opening a bottle of scotch at the same time.

Inside was a plea from the Republican National Committee for a donation of $250 or more.

Now, I ask – how is a person supposed to physically be able to dig out a checkbook to write a donation check when they are in the midst of having a heart attack after thinking that return address meant what it said?

Control and Audit

Well? What would YOU think? Was this a blonde moment? Should I have known better? I’m not a reactionary person by nature, and I’m not paranoid….it was just my immediate thought.

I did rip up the donation letter. I put the ripped pieces in the return envelope and will mail it back to them in the morning. Donating to the RNC isn’t high on my list of things I really want to do right now. I used to – until … well, let’s not get into politics, shall we? I swore off poliblogging a few years ago.

It should be a damn law to have “Republican National Committee” as the damn return address on such things. I mean, what if I had a weak heart??

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9 thoughts on “Damn Politicians!”

  1. Stuff like what you’re thinking comes from the Internet Revenue Service. Not an audit and control committee. Not that I would know from experience or anything. My ex might, however. 😯

    Sorry you had a momentary heart attack. I’ve had those before. If you ever want an interesting story about the IRS, just e-mail me privately and I’ll share. 😛

  2. @Jammie – yes, I know – it was a total blonde moment. I should have known that it would say something about the “Internal Revenue Service”, etc… it may have saved me a few gray hairs, maybe. Stories about the IRS scare me – – I’d like nothing more than to stay off their radar. I’m waiting for the “Ms. Sabin? We read your blog and think you are a good candidate for an audit this year” letter. haha.. paranoid much?

  3. lol overemotional if you had a miniheart attack.
    But as long as the topic is politics as for the IRS… Ron Paul will get rid of it without replacing it with anything 😉

  4. I used to be a big GOP grassroots organizer, until the Hastert Congress and the Bush Administration went so far off course. I became a registered Independent about a year or so ago, partially because I felt like the GOP wasn’t listening to me anymore.

    I dutifully filled out their surveys and sent in my contributions, until I realized those surveys were clearly skewed not to gauge my opinions on a subject, but to rile me up and send in a contribution.

    Anyway, I got one of those surveys for the first time in months yesterday, (I suppose they’d noticed I’d stopped responding for a while) and I immediately chunked it in the trash. They won’t read anything I have to say! They’ll just deposit my check and go about their business.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d share that little tidbit of my mail dealing with the RNC myself.

  5. Ugh, I hear you on envelopes designed to get you to open them thinking they are something else. Currently I am getting student loan consolidation letters from a company that designs them to look like government refund checks. So not cool! I think what the RNC did to you is fraud, but would you expect anything less from anyone in our current government system? I don’t think these guys on either side of the aisle could be truthful if their lives depended on it.

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