Dakota Fanning?


So, apparently, CNN ran with this last night:

Dakota Fanning

And then, they promptly removed it – – all traces of it.

I <3 Dakota Fanning – I hope this was just a big goof up.

via: Diva Dish

Update: This, of course, is a hoax – – I shoulda seen it coming, eh? What a horrible hoax it is, too! Thanks to Chris for pointing out the hoax update.

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  1. Smells like a hoax to me. I followed several of the threads, and everyone seems to be passing around the same screen shot that came from a single blog source, the site that “broke” the original story. Color me cynical.

  2. ๐Ÿ™ i think it was a big joke… i dont know from who.. I mean. please DON’T DO anymore this. SHE IS A BIG actrees and this is really stupid! don’t do that again ok?:-?

    :)>- big hugs

  3. I can’t really say much because if i did it would be filled with swearing against the people who made this. May they rot in hell

  4. It’s been nine days now since that hoax(?) was posted. Has there been any news at all since? Has the Osbrink Agency commented?… or the Fanning family? And, for that matter, has anyone seen the Fannings in public? I’m as sure as I can be that it’s a hoax, but what puzzles me is the dead silence from those who should have responded immediately. Can you imagine the grief from God knows how many children had it been true? Yet, these blog sites are still on display and no doubt there are many who are just now discovering the story and are beginning to wonder. Those kids, if no one else, deserve a little re-assurance. It’s largely the money from their allowances that have made Dakota rich and her agents right along with her. A little respect for them is called for.

  5. >:p who ever put this sud be shot i mean im 13 and i wanna be an actress and i wouldnt want people to be writing stuff like this about me or any other actresses. people are just jelouse because shes a better actress then those people who write things like this about her and there jelouse cuz shes cute and if she did die than why dont we hear it from the people who love her the ones dearest to her ill tell you y cuz it didnt happen thats y and i think people shud stop bitching about her i personally think x( cuz shes nice cute and she has talent so yah >:p .

  6. :-wCelina: I’m not accusing Dakota of anything, if that’s what you mean. Nor, as I said, do I doubt that it’s a hoax. My anger is by and large directed at the unbelievable lowlifes who tried to plunge the whole country into mourning… because that’s what would have happened if that story had gotten any coverage or traction. Do you doubt that Dakota is the single most beloved child in America? It would have been like every kid around, including you, losing a sister.

    But, as I said, the story is still on the websites and will remain there. It therefore should have been refuted immediately and vocally… first by CNN (it was their website that was plagiarized) and then quickly followed by the Osbrink Agency that manages her affairs. It’s been ten days now, and there’s not been so much as a public statement of denial and condemnation from either. That should have happened that very morning.

    As to CNN, it’s hardly unexpected. It’s what they are. Cindy Osbrink, however, if she truely had Dakota’s best interests at heart, should have been quick to respond and reassure her client’s many devoted supporters (like you) that all was well. Her failure to do so follows a dismal pattern over the past few months of not acting to protect that child’s career and good name…or, perhaps, even her personal safety.

  7. Isn’t it strange how only Celluloid and Vinyl had that screenshot? OBVIOUSLY THEY DID IT! Past friday I saw in the news “actress Dakota Fanning died for 15 minutes” but that’s all they said, they just showed a photo of her crying, then I went on vacations and returned yesterday, I started looking in Google to see what happened and I saw all this. Of course she didn’t die! Everybody would be talking about it! I mean it’s not like CNN posted that and then the parents said: ‘hey take it off!’ Duh! Plus only Celluloid and Vinyl saw it… LIARS:^o!!! Besides, she just turned 12 on February 23rd is not like she’s gonna die ร‚ยฌร‚ยฌ… WE LOVE DAKOTA!!! visit my fotolog of Dakota and her sis Elle:



  8. ๐Ÿ˜• Helsy: I just saw this comment of your’s on another website. What news outlet posted it? Right now, I’m really furious at the Cindy Osbrink agents for their apparent nonchalance at this thing. This goes beyond just a sorry hoax. It amounted to an indirect attack on her fan-base. There could have been millions of grieving children all over the world… and the Osbrink people have done little to nothing about it.

  9. x( well im sorry if i have a opinion to but i myself love dakota the first time i saw wich was in the cat in the hat i thought shes gonna be famouse cuz she ca act and i do agree that she works to much for a child but at least shes aving fun doing it i mean i love her as much as other people do:x i think shes a doll and a really talented good actress @};- and some day i want to be that good to but i can tell people already hate me dont they >:p

  10. thnx but u dont really mean that do u and no i wasnt accusing u i just had an opinion to like other people u no and how am i charming? yah but thnx again:x ๐Ÿ™‚ :d

  11. Celina: All kids, girls in particular, want to be actors, models and dancers. You’re wired that way! Dakota managed all three! Don’t put too high hopes on it, though. There’s only so much room at the top. Dakota got there by being the right kid in the right place at the right time with the right people watching. Once there, she did what any successful person in any career field does: she made herself indispensable by personal charm and dedication. This is known collectively as “talent”!

    If the opportunity comes, know it for what it is and run with it! If it doesn’t- so what? There are lots of more rewarding things to be. Besides, there’s a downside to all the fame and adultation. Look at what just happened to her!/:)

  12. its just im not that lucky and i want to be an actress but im shy and even tho i cant believe it i think im jelouse even tho i dont want to be shes just……. (snif) shes to good. sorry i think im worring to much and is that bad? and i dont think i would be a good actress! ๐Ÿ˜

  13. Celina: When I was a kid, I was REALLY self-conscious. Don’t fret it. You’ll get over it. All you have to do is keep focused, maintain eye contact and remember that you won’t please everyone, no matter what you do. In a pinch… moon ’em! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Celina: “Self-conscious” means worrying a lot about what others might think of you. This makes you shy. A little shyness, however, can also be charming. But just a little! As for career advice: do what Dakota did. Local plays, talent hunts, other social functions… until that magic offer comes. With her, it was a TV ad for the Georgia State Lottery! With Stevie Wonder! Local talent scouts saw her, thought she had potential, and passed her on to a Hollywood affiliate agency. The rest is history. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Back to the subject of this blog: one last comment. Does anyone remember that pornographic March issue of “Vanity Fair” magazine? The one with cover-to-cover nudity, profanity and billious sophistry? The one that had Dakota posing right in the middle of it?

    And then does anyone remember another child who was cruelly exploited in the same manner? Her name was JonBenet Ramsay.
    Remember what happened to her?

    That’s what made that faked CNN “death notice” for Dakota on April 11 particularly chilling… along with the dead silence afterward. Two children: both made up by heartless panderers to look like “femme fatales” for sick audiences. For one, at least, it was indeed “fatale”. Little Miss Ramsay, at the tender age of six, suffered the most horrific death a little girl could experience.

    I wonder if Dakota’s agent, Cindy Osbrink, is at last coming to realize what danger her apparent greed and callousness may have placed her little client in…not just professionally, but personally. I hope and pray for her safety, just as I do for all children everywhere. Yet I worry… because terrible precedents for this sort of thing exist.

  16. I love Dakota Fanning I think she is the best kid actress in the world. Keep going Dakota and you will win a academy award someday.:)

  17. so steve if your leaving than all i have to say is thank you for the advice and ill try well to follow your advice:) truth be told i dont want you to leave well if you are anyways thnx again ๐Ÿ˜ก you basically well i think i spelled that right but you became like a roll model for me ๐Ÿ˜ก thnx

  18. God bless you, Celina. That was a very sweet compliment. I’ll probably breeze by this site from time to time. By the way, I’ve seen Ashley’s remarks on a number of websites. She’s a HUGE Dakota fan and, as I recall, an aspiring actress herself. You two should have a lot in common. Best wishes.

  19. Do you have any kids yourself? Just wondering because your English is very good and so is your spelling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well I hope you answer my other question as well.:d:x

  20. I can’t stop reading your last comment because its so nice that…well basically anyone has said to me in a long time now thank you steve for writing to me and giving me advice I think I needed it to snap me out of worrying to much about thinking I don’t have a chance to making an acting career thank you so much.:d i wont forget you. I no this sounds weird but you’ve been basically a bother,friend,and a dad to me ๐Ÿ™‚ like someone I can look up to well I must go for I have to go to bed:) write back please

  21. Michael: Take it easy! Remember, there is absolutely no proof that anything bad happened to Dakota. Nor do I believe it, either. They couldn’t hush up something like that for two weeks, anyway!

    My point is that I firmly believe that Cindy Osbrink (Dakota’s chief agent) should have been pro-active about this rather than going the route she apparently did- to ignore it until it went away. It’s largely worked, too! The trouble with that is (as I’ve said before) that blogs like this one don’t go away that quickly. This is the internet age. People will keep discovering the half-dozen or so websites that mention this event and, with no direct evidence to the contrary, will fear unnecessarily for that child’s safety. And, as far as I yet know, despite much searching, Dakota has made no public appearances since this thing happened. Just a small, innocuous 10-second TV bite- somewhere- would have dispelled it all.

    Sitting on the story was the easy route, but it still involves needless anxiety to Dakota’s many young fans and supporters. To me, this equates to an arrogant disregard by the Osbrink Agency toward the kids whose love and support for her actress/client help to keep her firm in business. I don’t blame Dakota or her family for this. They, in essence, hired Mzz Osbrink’s expertise in such matters; none of THEM being Hollywood insiders.

    In my opinion, it’s not the first time by any means that they’ve been let down in this regard. I still remember “Vanity Fair”.

  22. Steve did you read my other comments? Im sorry im just so happy to hear from you for some reason but I just am.:d sorry wow you really do make a little girl happy dont you:d Im sorry again I act like its all about me sorry (so greedy huh) sorry I should no its a Dakota web site not mine=; sill me lol

  23. Dear Celina: I was just preparing my remarks to you when you wrote in. Michael seemed really distressed, so I answered him first. And yes, once again, you flatter me so very much and I do appreciate it. Truely.

    As to the other Dakota fan-sites: there are dozens! Try dakotafanning.com for starters. It’s not an official website. I don’t believe she has one. That’s another failure of Cindy Osbrink. It’s well-known fact that the poor kid, for all her screen-smarts, can barely fire-up her P.C. without mommy’s help! Whatever… Just below the picture of her and- God help us!- Tom Cruise, you’ll see 15 links. Start clicking!

  24. Oh, yes! You and her other fans here need a little more. NOT listed on that site (deliberately!) are two called advertisingwithoutpity.com and dakotacountdown.com. If you run into those on a Google search, be wary. They are hate-sites. I’ve commented on them often, but that was to counter the punks and perverts that infest them. Good kids go there because they either don’t understand this or because they want to defend Dakota. It can get scary. Ashley, however, has challenged them both! She’s gutsy.
    Lots of foul language there, I’m afraid. Best avoid them.

    Enchanting Starz (enchantingstarz.com) may be the best. It’s constantly monitored (no pervs allowed!) and I’ve spoken with one of the moderators via email about just that problem on the other sites. She was very helpful and concerned. She also personally runs “Totally Elle” (elle-fanning.com). “Starz” is a little complex and it takes a day to process your free membership, but it also lets you set up your own forum! No long scroll-downs!

    I hope this helps. Every best wish!

  25. Ok thanks again you’ve been very helpfull to me :d i wont forget you! Would you forget me? I hope not well got to go i have to go to bed and thanks again for the advice and the web sites and for the complments i hope i spelled that right im not the best speller (lol):):d write back if you wantof course

  26. I need to mention that if you see a site called “thatlittlegirl.com”, it, too, should be avoided. That will, for some reason, put you right on the main page of “Dakota Countdown”. It’s a garbage dump. “Dakota Chatroom” and “Dakota Universe” on bravenets are dead and mouldering! Plenty of room, but no one to talk to.

    By the way: NASA says that comet fragment will NOT hit the earth on Memorial Day! That’s nice! Maybe that’s why Dakota hasn’t been seen for a while! You can come out now, dear!!

  27. No, Celina! You’re a darling!! I was happy to find you some promising websites and I hope you’ll find a lot of good kids to talk to. I honestly enjoy talking to young people on the internet. It’s refreshing conversation and it’s good to know what Generation Y is thinking and up to!

    However, I’m hardly one of you. Since I’ve been on the net, I’ve learned the hard way that you have to be ultra frank from the get-go that you’re an older guy. Kids don’t always understand words that would register immediately with others and can become terribly disappointed and angry when they realize (at last) that the one they’re talking to isn’t of their age group. I think you’re a very dear young lady and I wouldn’t want you to think that of me.

    Please believe that I’ve enjoyed our talks immensely and hope to talk to you again if you wish. All the best.

  28. O k and thank you of the comlpements and the web sites:d i enjoyed talkig to you to and I wont leave anyways so ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks again (it seems like I would always be thanking you and I would like to keep thanking you ):)>-

  29. Thank you, Celina! I see you went and posted three comments on two of “Countdown”‘s opinion sites. Be prepared for counterattack! Kids like “Monkey Man” and “Preety Girl” can be downright vicious. It’s a rough site, to say the least.

    One note: If you use “thatlittlegirl.com” and punch in “Dakota Countdown”, you’ll get the main scroll-down. If you do (and I still don’t recommend it!), then go down to March 7. Ignore the surrounding trash talk and take note of a comment supposedly made by Dakota. It may be the only genuine one I’ve seen. It was also a little heart-rending.

    Correction: On Comment #44- the second site on bravenet is “Innocent Dakota”, not “Dakota Universe”. Both sites are virtually unused.

  30. ok and im glad you saw them i was hoping you would :)and i knew you would. i hope you had a good day i sure did i got compliments from my crush at school and i got to talk to you again you always make my day even better than it is or if i had a bad day you make it worth living:d

  31. Steve i read your comments on some of the web sites on dakota fanning and you said that this grl named liby had your email address and i personall think that would be disrespectful wat did they say and if you dont want to tell thats alright to but i thought liby didnt like dakota? i dont no well talk to you later oo and i put a comment to on the on saying liby had your email address so if you want you can look at it it has foul languag in it though . but i have a point i think lol and i was mad at the time but noe im ok and i think libby probably got your email address by clicking on your name cuz i did that to mine and my emial showed up so……. but im not sure or positive you no im not her so i wouldnt no but hope you have a good or great weekend:)

  32. Dear Celina: I forgot to warn you about that site sufficiently. It was one of the reasons I hoped you’d avoid it. As you discovered, when you click the name, it reveals your email address. I was commenting on that site for a month and didn’t know until Michelle told me!

    Another reason I wanted you to stay away is because I knew you’d get upset. Boy, did you ever! Celina, don’t use their own cuss words against them like that. People read that and put you in the same category with some of the worst of the commenters. You’re better than that.

    By the way, Michelle’s not a bad kid. She just gets a little grumpy from time to time and uses the internet to get it out of her system! Libby’s a little different. She’s a aspiring actress/model from a show-biz family and says she had her big break ruined when Dakota’s agent came in at the last moment. (Some film about “Bees”, you probably know it.) She’s a sharp kid and actually rather sweet… but very focused on her career and has come to blame Dakota personally for her frustration. It’s too bad, but I wish her every future success. She posted her talent agency website that gives you her photo and general background. If she ever breaks loose, then look out Hollywood! Both of them are your age by the way.

    As I predicted, you were viciously attacked on “Dakota Countdown” after you posted those remarks. Please don’t go there again. You don’t need to see that kind of garbage. I only go there now to warn off kids who stumble onto it, thinking it’s a fan-site. Besides, I know how to handle those sorry little brats (and did!) along with the resident perverts. No need to return.

    Thank you for the kind words and best wishes.

  33. ok thats what my brother said to he said dont cuss cuz it makes you one of them and i said ok so yah. yah i was kind of mad but i at least got to the point but i wont promise you that i wont go there agin i might. so you read my comment? wat did you think? and so libby dosnt like dakota or dose she? and who wrote back to me on the dakota countdown? well i have to go please answer my questions:)

  34. Dear Celina: Michelle’s okay with things. I gave her the address to this site because she knew nothing about the faked death notice. Maybe she’ll have a comment. I haven’t heard from Libby for a while, so I can’t tell you what she’s thinking now. As to “Countdown”, it was just “Nasty Girl” again, trying to live up to her handle. Don’t worry about her. Her little moods swing back and forth like a weather vane in a tornado. If she had brains to back them up, she might be dangerous… but she doesn’t!

  35. so nasty girl faked to be michelle oor something? well i went back to the web site and said things but i didnt use cuss words. sorry i seem to do things on my own ๐Ÿ™‚ i have a way to doing things like that (not listening)

  36. No, Celina. Michelle and Nasty Girl are two VERY different kids and post on different websites.

  37. ok, what the heck. what is this business with me and “nasty girl?” o yea, i forgot. i got to sign up as crazy wolf now, but who is nasty girl? ok, nvm. i read the other things and understand completly. there is this person called nasty girl and is not me and is posting wierd stuff, right? tell me if i’m wrong. o yea, i just had my piano recital. i’ve been playing for 6 years, and if you don’t mind me saying, am so good that i’m better than people who have taken like 10 years and i can play any piece that anybody gives me. i memorized a 6 page song and i played it on stage. i got a trophy too. anyway, are you serious that libby tried out for the movie “the secret life of bees” ?? that is going to be like a really good movie!!! she would have been realy realy realy realy realy famous!! wow. now i do feel sorry for her. that would have really been her carrer starter. i mean, i guess i don’t hate dakota anymore, but i still do in a way. i mean, she had a lot of other people competing against her that wanted a career and she beat them all. all my class mates in school hate me, but like, my dad said,” are you going to make them happy and step down so they will be succesful and you won’t? would you rather be the best or let someone else be the best for you? you got to make yourself stand out, and then you will succeed, but don’t make other people feel terrible. help them and give them advice, but alwas push yourself forward.” o yes, steve, tell me if libby does land a role!!!! i would REALLY LOVE to see her in a movie! tell her good luck. no wonder she hasn’t been answering. we should meet up sometime, libby and i.

  38. hey michelle i wrote to you on the other site (dakotacountdown ) saying things (nice things) i gusess anyways steve comes on every once in a while well like every day. anyways you dont no libby? cuz steve talks about you and her together like you guys r like really close or something but just wondering. oo and i love pianos i hope you did very well. and i didnt mean to offend you or other people that like dakota on dakotacountdown i just had an opinion you no like everyone dose. and do you no wat libby looks like? well gotta bounce:)>-

  39. Oh and Steve I might not be coming on here for a while because my mom found out that I was talking to you by my sister. Anyways thank you again for the compliments,advice, and the kindness you’ve given me. Although I will talk to my mom about it and say that you’r not like other guys perverted guys and see if I can talk to you and Michelle again so ill see you soon hopefully :):((

    @};-Take care both you and Michelle

  40. Celina and Michelle: The reason I usually answer promptly is because entries on this site go directly to my email… which I try to check several times a day. I don’t know what Libby’s up to right now. Michelle- why don’t you give her an email? Also: Nasty Girl writes in on the “Dakota Countdown” site. As Celina has now discovered for herself, it is a VERY bad site. I’m sorry to say it, but Nasty helps make it so. Libby’s posted talent site is:
    As she openly published it, I’m sure it’s all right to republish it here.

    P.S. Crazy Wolf???

  41. That’s okay, Celina. Please assure your mother that I had only meant originally to post a comment on the posted subject, not to make a pen pal. I understand her concerns completely and am not offended. Quite the contrary. As Michelle knows, I found those two hate-sites while researching for a column I intended to publish locally about Dakota Fanning’s appearance in “Vanity Fair” magazine and how it demonstrated the exploitation of children in Hollywood culture. When I found those sites (and a few others) I came to realize there was another danger to kids as well: the internet. Specifically- unmonitored, open-forum sites that young people congregate at (the name “Dakota” will do it!). Kids, pro and con, sign on and get in bitter and then profane arguements. Then you have pedophiles, sometimes openly so, who enjoy feeding the flames, as it were, and try to solicit personal information off of them. When I see this, I try to warn them… with mixed success. It’s the “anonymity” factor that makes it all so dangerous. You can’t be sure of anyone’s identity or who may be watching without leaving a comment. My sister-in-law, who’s a school teacher and a VERY strict mother to my two nieces when it comes to the internet, told me about this before I got my computer. I’ve seen the truth of it- which is why I sympathize fully with your mother. Tragically, few parents are so mindful. I see it all over.
    I’ve enjoyed our chats very much. I hope you and Michelle will be good friends. Best wishes.

  42. i can only make one more comment but i wont be leaving for good ill come by every once in a while. but i enjoyed them to thank you steve i say once more (lol) :d you were cool to talk to athough some words were to advaced for me but i could make out most of what you were trying to say. i say once more thank you for te compliments and for understanding me. i get that barliy people interupt me to much and they dont listen to me but i found someone who can listen to me and that was you steve thank you :d

  43. steve steve steve i can come back on.Ahhhhhh im sooooooo happy i can talk to you again. well hi. i talked to my mom and she saw your comments and thought you where ok to talk to so she let me stay on here:d:):)>-:))>:d<:-j:p;;)=p~=;


  45. Ashley: My God, you’re all over the websites with a vengeance tonight, aren’t you? If I had a champion like you, I’d be President now! Not of my company… the country!

    Celina: Please thank your mother for me for her kind regards. Also, please assure her that I make it a strict rule never to speak to young people on anything else but a public forum (i.e. no emails). That’s out of respect to the parents. The only time I broke that rule was when Libby wrote to me on mine with a very kind message and politeness demanded I respond. I was still completely in the dark as to how she had gotten it!

    Michelle: You’re a regular little bundle of talent yourself! I don’t think Libby has a thing on you. I wonder which of you is going to be world-famous first!

    I’m going to hit the hay, now. I’ve got a lot of sleep to catch up on from the past two days. Lots of clients asked for upgraded security because of the Latino demonstrations slated for the afternoon. I really wish they’d go back to their own country and demonstrate there! If they used all that energy to cleaning up Mexico, they wouldn’t need to come here for jobs.

    Sorry. I’m a little tired and just a bit frustrated right now! Good night. God bless.

  46. Kaitlin Mitchell

    I think Dakota is the best!!!! i mean those people should be ashamed of themselves for posting that horrible fake newsflash!!!they are total losers!! i love Dakota Fanning! plus who would i worship if she died?????^:)^^:)^ Dakota is the best starlet ever!!! note to Dakota: i email u alot i need to be trained. my dad is a actor!! Herb Mitchell.
    l-)l-) : to the people to Dakota, (*)(*)(%):)>-^:)^@};-:x>:d<**==:))(*)^:)^@};-@};-

  47. wow your still so kind even if you are tired and frusterated and you still spell correctly wow im amazed i would do it half fast maybe anyways….. i dont no well ill talk to you peeps l8ter :)>-:p

  48. wow Kailin you really like her dont you so you wanna be an actress? i do i would love to actwell if you do want to act then we havesomething in common:d well gotta bounce:)>-

  49. Kaitlin Mitchell


  50. Hi, Celina. If I manage to spell well, it’s just because I learned to read when I was very young. My mom would read me classic children’s stories until I knew them so well, I was able to connect the words to the printed page! I heard somewhere that that’s Dakota’s story as well. Her ability to read and absorb scripts at a very young age was (logically enough) a major factor in her success. It also explains why she’s been so predominant in acting for her age group. Reading isn’t pushed as hard in school these days and too many children are being short-changed in this very vital skill. If she can do it when other little actresses need for it to be read to THEM, who’s the casting director going to choose? Duh!!

    Historical Note!!: It’s said that Dakota’s major learn-to-read work was “Alice in Wonderland”. With me, it was “The Wizard of Oz”. I’ve still got the book! It’s a fully-illustrated 1939 hard cover special edition (because that’s the year the movie was released) still bearing the occasional stain of chocolate ice cream left there by a very sloppy young reader!

    By the way, does anyone know if Dakota’s “Alice in Wonderland” project is still a going thing? I hope so. For the reasons mentioned above, it would probably be, for her, the crowning event of her fast waning phase as a child actress. You know, if it goes into production, that’ll probably mean work for a lot of other child actors in supporting roles. Kaitlin Mitchell, take note!

  51. hi steve uhh im so madx( well of course not at you its just all these people at school keep telling me lies and i dont no who to believe any more cuz ill believe them at first then some one else will tell me different and then i dont no who to belive uhh im sooo confused:-\ and it really pisses me off. Anyways did you sleep and if you did,did you sleep well? i hope so anyways ill talk to ya later i gotta do my homework:)

  52. The wierd thing is that i dont believe the people ive known for like ever and i can believe you when i barliy know you im sorry im all spilling all my problems on you

  53. Dear Celina: Welcome to the Terrible Teens! What you’ve got here are a lot of young people who are starting into the grow-up phase and they’re trying to cope with it. Your friends are trying desperately to learn how to be popular and act cool in their peer group. It’s always been a hit-or-miss process (lots of misses!) with emotional pain attached. This is known as ANGST!

    One of the most important lessons they’ll learn (and some, I’m afraid, never will) is the importance of honesty and trustworthiness… even when it calls for self-inflicted embarassment. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but a vital one.

    Another big lesson along those lines is keeping confidences. When you tell a friend something in private and, the next day, it’s all over the school, then you’re naturally not going to confide in that person again. Some kids don’t learn that lesson until they suddenly realize that’s nobody’s talking to them anymore! It’s especially important for boys to learn that when dealing with girls, because girls are so terribly vulnerable emotionally at your age. I was fortunate to learn that early, but I still left a few regrets behind!

    Be Christian about it, but take careful note of who can be trusted and who can’t, no matter how much you may otherwise like that person. Most will grow out of it shortly. Those who don’t… God help them. They’re in for a rough road in later life.

  54. dakota fanning did you say dakota fanning i love her every time i see her on tv i go nuts with excitment thats how much i love her and if i got one wish in the world i would wish to meet her or to live with her i just love her[-o:x

  55. yo ppl! i haven’t been able to go on lately cuz of homework. getting busy!! but i usually read all the coments, but this time there were like tons and i’m just kinda lazy… i haven’t had a good day anyway. just wanted to say thanx for the compliments steve. did read that part. i don’t want to give libby my email(nothing personal) because my dad has a filtered system that whatever i do, he gets a copy although he hasn’t used it 24/7 but he will notice if i start talking to other ppl that aren’t my friends. they hate it when i go on the computer. anyway, i hope you kno that my email on here is fake. lol. ttyl ppl. ttfn. i’ll check back once in a while.

  56. Hey Steve sorry I havent been on for a while my internet kept kicking me off anyways yah I learned that lesson already. Im more honest this year then all my other years but im happy that way and people like me more so yah but this girl named kat she just wont stop lieing I mean everyone knows she lieing and she just wont stop so I dont talk to her anymore but ill talk to you later im going to the movies and am I on your positive list im sorry im like always bragging about myself. Well ill tell me more about my life later if you want to hear it of course cuz I have to go my moms yelling at me to hurry and by the way I would have already gotten bored with me if I were you I would say like shut up and stop bragging. Dont you feel that way about me? if you do then ill stop. But anyways ill talk to you later :):)>- PEACE lol;))

  57. And about the not talking to people advice and its espesially to boys yah I agree no wonder Rene is so shy around me but he wants to back out with me so im happy.:d

  58. Celina: Rene, like most boys his age, is trying hard to come to terms with the onset of masculinity and just what it all means. IT’S NOT EASY!! You’ve got your baser nature pushing you one way, your sense of morality another and a horde of mixed messages from friends and the popular culture to keep you in a constant state of confusion. Once your friend gets it somewhat sorted out (we never do fully!), then he’ll get his self-confidence. The WAY he ultimately sorts it out will decide whether he becomes a good, decent man or a Hollywood-style rodent. Since you’re his first “crush” (we used that word too ‘way on back!) then your good influence will help him a lot. It’ll call for kindness and patience, though!

    But it’s not always enough. If Rene or any other boy in your life ever turns nasty on you in any way, drop him like a rock and walk away without a qualm. The first instinct of any decent boy should be kindness and protectiveness. Too many girls (and grown women) have come to grief because of misplaced loyalty to someone who was uncaring and/or abusive. No guy is perfect, but he needs to have the basics down pat!

  59. what i dont know what your talking about you know im only 13 not 30 or an english teacher but what do you talk about around guys well your a guy and i get along with you very well i hope but the ones that are like so cute you dont want to mess up those ones. see i went out with him once for 3 months and we barliy talked at school or anything but on the phone we talked about a million things but hes to shy and i hate that and yes i know i cant change every body but how do you convice guys that you dont care if they mess up around you without them taking it the wrong way? or how do you come up with that subject. uhhh i dont no wat to do. other people like my friends say that he makes them laugh or do something silly how do i make him do that with me? well ill talk to you later ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Dear Celina: I was a little heavy on the subject, I admit. Nor was I trying to get into THAT subject, either. Like you say, you’re both thirteen! I was just trying to say that boys that age tend to be a little awkward where girls are concerned and need a little patience sometimes until they grow out of it.

    I’m starting to sound like a school councillor, aren’t I? Sorry about that. :-”

    God bless.

  61. well yah but a good one at that so what you mean to say is that guys are shy around girls and there afraid that they will mess up :-\ gosh im such a geek of not knowing these things:-b

  62. Part of the process, Celina. And no, you’re not a geek! Rene is a very lucky young man to have attracted your attention first instead of another girl who might have used his shyness to make him miserable. That happened to me more than once. Guys don’t forget those things. We also remember forever the girls who were real sweethearts! Rene may not fully know how fortunate he is right now, but he will later. Best wishes.

  63. ooo ok i get it thank you…… uhh sorry i have nothing else to say but thnx ill talk to you later :d do you think im annoying?

  64. hey steve uhh my rist hurts my friend pushed me and i landed the wrong way oww i hurts like heck anyways im typing with one hand and its really harda so ill talk to later cuz i have to go to my brothers going away party hes moving out hes 21 so ill talk to ya later

  65. Celina: Reminds me of the time I left home at about his age. The difference was that MY new address was Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and Basic Training! May his new residence be less stressful!

    Marki: The story first broke on a blogsite called “Celluloid & Vinyl” in the early morning of April 11. THEY claim it was forwarded to them by persons unknown. Others have since speculated that they themselves were the hoaxers. I assume that someone is still investigating this, but the puzzling silence continues from all concerned parties. Nothing has been proven, so no accusations can be made. Personally, I’m still angry about the whole incident for the reasons I’ve stated since April 15th. Regards.

  66. hey steve at my brothers party we had a money tree and you put money on this little tree and i put a dime and i said oo look isaac look at my sexy-c dime and he said no take it off and at the end he ended up having $258.00 and that was kool but i think he got more by my mom and at the party i drank wine coolers they were good but i only had like little sips and i had strawberry but we had fun:d

  67. Celina: The day may come when your brother will wish he’d accepted that dime! And watch out for those wine coolers. They can sneak up on you!!

    By the way: I read on Yahoo that Dakota was presented the Saturn Award for best young actress on May 4th. That’s a science-fiction award; this time for “War of the Worlds”. She was nominated once before for the miniseries “Taken”. I guess we can be fairly sure now that she’s alive! Nice to know- at long last!

  68. After all, it was my generation that invented the durn things!… along with heavy metal, protest marches, pet rocks and other assorted acts of lunacy!

  69. hi steve(sounding bumded out) well i dont have much to say but …… well im happy for one thing and sad about the another but i dont no y which is wierd so yah ill talk to ya later -k-:|:)

  70. I’ll bet you’re feeling a little down because your brother now has his own place, the house seems a bit empty without him and it’s all just starting to sink in. Your parents and sister are probably feeling it too (although perhaps hiding it better). We all want things to go on just as before forever… but they don’t. Someday, your parents will have to say goodbye to you, too. I’ll bet you anything they’re thinking of that right now and are saddened by the prospect. It’s hard to let go of your kids and your siblings.

    The good news is… HE’S NOT DEAD!! He’s just living somewhere else. Just stay in touch and you’ll get used to it.

    Every best wish!

  71. ha yah i got the most sweetest email from rene and i said y do you lke me im not that great looing and he said your not fat or ugly i think your perfect i started to cry but it was really sweet well ill talk to ya later:d im feeling alot better

  72. Your modesty complements your sweetness, Celina. Rene sees that and admires it… which speaks well of him. By the way: Girls your age ALWAYS worry excessively about their looks. Don’t let it bother you. Just take care of yourself, dress well and BE yourself and everything will fall into place. All the best.

  73. im working on it but hes to shy to joke around with me and i love guys who make me laugh like i had this boyfriend in 1st grade and he made me laugh so hard all the time his name was dj but he still makes me laugh and rene is too shy to barily even talk to me and uhh it bugs the heck outa me and for me to be funny the guys has to do it first so and im going to a new school thats in my area in….well i cant tell you and hes gonna saty wheres hes at so if i do go out with him again then it wont really last cuz we only have uhh 3 weeks so i dont no wat to do go out with him and see him in summer and weekends or not go out with him at all so i dont no wat to do:-\#-o:-<

  74. Dear Celina: I’m assuming that you’re transferring to a middle school and that Rene is a grade behind you. Celina- don’t be worried about all this! You’re both still very young and, although it may not seem like it now, strong relationships are still well in the future. Just be yourself and remain loyal to your friends. Things will work themselves out!

    By the way: If schools are still the way I experienced them, then you’re going to find middle school to be a big difference from elementary. They’re not going to treat you like a child anymore and you’ll have a lot more choices and responsibilities! The two go hand-in-hand. Welcome to the world of teenagers! Here’s where it gets tricky…!

    God bless.

  75. no im already in a middle school and hes the same grade and well im in a middle school right now and so is he but theres a middle school in my area and i have to go there for 8th grade and hes staying at the middle school that im in right now and hes going to stay there for 8th grade and im transfering to a new middle school so yah the middle school im in is 7th to 8th and the one im transfering is i think 5th to 8th and so ill have one year in O’brian and then ill have one year in the other school so yah i do hope i didnt get you confused. yah hes the same age im 13 and hes 13 although im older by a few days we were both born in march his was march 31 and mine was march 15 so hes younger but hes very polite to me maybe a little to polite to talk to me but yah. so once again i hope i didnt get you confused. fare well (lol) i felt wierd saying that anyways ill talk to you later:)

  76. hey Steve i have a question and i hope you no the answer.is it better to LOOK young or be wat ever you are now? just wondering cuz i think i told you this but yah i wanna act so i want the most advice i can get if you dont no the answer then thats ok:) thank you i no i sound wierd ( better yet type wierd) but its me honest:)

  77. My God! Schools are so complex these days! Just this week they started clearing off the old “ranchette” just behind my house. They’re building a new “middle school” there, too… for 5th and 6th grade!

    My oldest nephew (who’ll be graduating this month!) goes to a Lutheran private school where they have all grades (K-12) on the same campus. It seems to work and it’s more efficient of space than these scattered schools where, as you know, you often have to leave your friends behind when you advance. Maybe public schools should do that!

    As to looking young: Celina, you ARE young! Just look your best, that’s all. As to the fine details; ask Mom. Remember: She had to wrestle with those problems, too. There’s no one better to ask.

    It’s too bad that Rilee and Marki didn’t stick around to comment. I bet they could both tell you a few things on the subject. Leanne is obviously in a minor state of shock! @-)

  78. ok but i have two blond steeks i think thats how you spell it but any ways i have two blond watever in the front of my hair so should i die my hair brown again or wat. wat are directors lokking for are they looking for a young actress that could play as like a 10 year old thats really 12 or wat :-\

  79. Dear Celina:

    My youngest niece (Maddie; age 5) has exactly the same hair that you described! Her father (my brother) and her sister Peyton are both blonde while she and her mother are both “brownies”. Just about a year ago, Maddie’s hair lightened and she developed two blonde “ram’s horns” on her head, too. Personally, I think she looks lovely but, being her uncle and all, I guess I’m naturally prejudiced!

    As to what casting directors are looking for in child actresses these days, I have no way of telling. It’s probably a hopeless task to try and second-guess them, anyway. One thing about your hair color, though- it’s distinctive! Besides, it’s you! Just be you and let the world beat a path to your door!!

    All the best.

  80. ok oo i guess great minds think alike lol anyways thnx again for the advice uhhh i dont want my grand parents to come over cuz there mean anyways ill talk to you later im sorry i havnt been saying much i no it seems like im gonna leave soon but i really dont no i dont think i will though ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. I like Dokota she soooooooooooooo sweet i like her, I have met her once she so nice I’d Like her so much :):):)

  82. First hi to all \:d/

    Where and when do you see Dakota? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ?
    I whant to met her too, unfornuty i live in Lithuania (Europ) ๐Ÿ™ She is my favorite actor. Does everyone here knows Dakota adres or @mail? I whant write to her , but dont know how :(. So please help me!!!!!
    I like her not becose she is star, but becouse she is wery intersting person. She shines from inside. And luck like a little angel :”>
    p.s. you are owsom guys. I have read this chat and lath all day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  83. ok well hi people i havnt been on here for a while but yah its cool and no i dont have dakotas email or address i wish and im only 13 but she gets on my nevers sometimes but i still think shes very cute well see you all later -k-;)

  84. I heard of this hoax, and read about it. I knew it was fake though. The CNN people said that they did not write that article thing, and someone else did. By the way, Dakota DOES NOT have an email address. Her address you can find on almost all of her fansites though. check mine, it has it.
    dakotafanningfanmail@yahoo.com was a fake. Someone tracked it for me and it came from NY.

  85. Hey Alesha, I was just wondering how old are you I know it sounds wierd that a 13 year old girl is asking you this sorry but just wondering I just love people who sound so intelegent so I can learn from them and be a little like that but I do understand that you’r probably older than me. I know this guy named Steve and he’s so nice and is older than me and i talk to him like a friend and he gives me advice and he sounds very intelegant himself and I learned from him I just think it’s so cool well I have to go.

    Best wishes (Steve says that) :):)

  86. Alesha: Thanks for the info about Dakota’s fanmail site being a fake. I suspected as much. People with too much time on their hands will play these sorry little games… uncaring of all the kids who must have wrung their hearts out composing letters to her- all for nothing.

    The same thing applies to the freaks-of-nature who set up the death hoax. It was probably just a little game to them. As I’ve pointed out earlier on this site, even though it didn’t get much coverage (Thank God!), kids are still just finding out about it on this blog and several others and some start to seriously freak! All this needless pain… just because some hackers had nothing else better to do than cause sorrow to some innocent kids! It still burns me.

    Alesha, Celina, Jackie and Tomas: You CAN still contact Dakota by old-fashioned snail-mail. This is the address:

    Dakota Fanning
    c/o Cindy Osbrink
    Osbrink Talent Agency
    4343 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 100
    Universal City CA 91602 USA

    If you want an autographed photo, be sure to mail in an 8 1/2 X 11 inch envelope and enclose another one folded up inside with proper postage. Tomas, take note! I don’t know what the postage is from Lithuania, but it’ll probably eat up a week’s allowance for you!

    And (to satisfy Celina!), best wishes!

  87. Steve: Thank you so much for the Dakota’s adres. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is corect? I hope so…
    Probably i will try to sen her a letter. But i realy think that she wont write me back :(( Dakota invites me and i dont know why. I will write her not becouse she is a star. But becouse she is very interesting person. She is a good girl. You can see it in her’s eyes. She is a lttle prity angel :”> I hope to get even one short letter from her ๐Ÿ™‚

    Steve can you tell more about you?
    Who are you?
    You know Dakota ?
    Or you are her’s fan like us?
    And How you realy know that the adres is corect?
    I fuond this adres in one site, but i dont know it is corect or just bad joke. ๐Ÿ˜•

  88. Tomas: Yes, you can trust the address. It can be found on many Dakota fansites and you can confirm it by typing in “Cindy Osbrink” on your search engine. That will get you the Osbrink Agency website.

    To answer your question: No, I’m not much of a movie fan at all- at least not of modern ones. I learned about Dakota while doing some research for a column I’d hoped to sell (and didn’t!) about how Hollywood can exploit children and put them in danger. They can, too. In the process, I also found out how dangerous (and disgusting!) the open internet can be as well. And then, when I learned about the “CNN Death Notice”, I became seriously concerned for that child. Of course, as you know, it turned out to be just an especially heartless lie.

    As you have probably guessed, I’m no kid myself. Far from it, I’m afraid. I’ve just been using a little of my “down” time to comment on some of these sites when I see good kids being harrassed by hateful people or when they need a little help… like here, especially if they see that faked CNN headline at the top of the page and jump to the conclusion that it’s real! Some have, too!

    By the way: I have NO connection to Dakota Fanning, her family or her agents. I do know that she is amazingly popular with kids all over the world (literally!) and that they, like you, respect her as an actress, but love her for how they see her as a person. I’ve never really seen anything to dispute that and I hope it’s true. Good things so rarely come out of Hollywood these days.

    I hope this answers you. Good luck!

  89. Thomas: Steve is cool and very nice he’ll give any advice he can give you but I myself asked about him he did’nt answer but I now would’nt blame him he taught me alot (I sure think) anyways you can talk to Steve all you want and ask him questions and all that stuff and he’ll try his best to answer them trust me I would know and when hes tried he still spells and sounds so brilliant (I hope I spelled that right).

    Steve: hehe Im coping you sorry. Anyways it’s good to hear from you again for a second I would think you would be a good no great role model for people and almost like a brother I think :-?. Anyways I just wanted to say hi and that it was good to hear from you again and tell you Im coping you (lol) sorry well I have to go and take some medicine Im sick.

    best wishes (hehe sorry):)

  90. Steve: Thenk you.You are wery kind :). You are a good person and help me lot.
    Celina: Thank you too.:)
    You guys are wonderful.

  91. Thank you Steve Im at home right now trying to get better. Thomas: you’r welcome I told you Steve was very kind and cool to talk to see I dont lie well I have to go.
    Bye Steve,and Thomas:)

  92. I wonder if Alesha will ever come back?
    Steve: Thank you for being more polite I dont say that many cus words anymore on the internet as I used to and thank you for teaching me how to type very well instead of half fast I admire how you type and probably talk like the way you type I think it’s awsome I really like to meet people who are higher class than me so I can learn from them and be even more better then I am now all the people at my school (espesially the boys) need to learn to be better then they are and you taught me that and I thank you.I do feel sorry for the boys though I dont think they will ever get a girl if they still act like they do. Ever sence I met you I think Im better then I used to be. Well I still am the same but when I type I tend to type like I am now with you. Well all I really wanted to say was thank you for every thing (Im not leaving) and thank you for the very ice compliements.:) I will talk to you all later -k-
    Thomas:You are very kind also and very sweet and Steve will help you with anything -k- just to inform you on that and thank you to for the nice compliments and a nice attitude I hope to talk to you and to inform you on somthing Im only 13 I suppose im probably the youngest on this site (lol) well I hope to talk to you more.

    As Steve always says best wishes:)

  93. Steve im sorry I didnt mean MORE polite you are very polite i meant somthing else i dont know what though im still learning you know

  94. :d Dear Celina: As I was sitting back and reading your words, I was going through the worst time of the year for any middle-aged man… my birthday! It took only a few kind words from a very sweet young lady to turn that all around. That you so much, Celina. If I had been blessed with a daughter, believe me, I would have held you up as her good example. God bless.

  95. Steve and Celina:
    Thenk You again ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys are wery friendly to me :). I do not expect so many many attention from You then I came here.As You see I’m new-guy in chiats like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Celina:(as Steve says ๐Ÿ˜‰ )I do not think that You are jungest here.Then You say your thoughts I think You prity grown.I’m only 15 too. Mabie some ones says that i’m to old to be intersting in Dakota , but I dont care. ๐Ÿ˜›
    I think You are interestin person,and I whant to talk to you more too.(well to you all guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    ok.bye…. god bless Celina,Steve,Nicola,Alesha,Jackie and
    Marisa.And You all guys who are reading this letter.
    p.s.:Please ignore mine stupid write-mistakes:D. Thank you. Have a nice day!!!

  96. By the way. What movie with Dakota you like most. I saw “Man On Fire” Then i saw her acting “Pita” in that film a said what a nice, young girl… and i like her acting very much. I had download this film in my PC and have already wach it about 6 or mabie 7 times. It’s very butiful and sad film.By the few days i start serch informacion about this film and Dakota. I (thenks god) find this site. And then i saw how many fans she got in all the world. :o. Kind a freaky.
    So enath for me. What’s YOUR’s favorite movie with Dakota?

  97. Steve no one should be having a bad day on their birthday not even adults. I remember when I didn’t celebrate one of my birthdays because I decided to listen to one of my x-friends and I got in trouble. Thank you for calling me nice and kind people always say you smile alot and I’m guessing thats the reason why Rene likes me and I’m guessing you like me because of my personality. I thought that you would have a duaghter or a wife because you’r so nice I don’t think anyone would miss that in you I didn’t and Thomas seems to likes you to. I like you alot and I barily know you but you would seem like a great dad to me and to anyother child. I also like you because you taught me that I am better than the people who cus and you taught me that I dont have to be that. Well anyways if it is your b-day happy birthday. And ever scence I read your other comment I got better thank you I think your kindness got to me and made me better thank you again. Is that why people like me, because I’m nice and happy? Well I’ll talk to you and Thomas later -k- as you always say and as I have always admired you saying it

    best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Ooh I forgot to type something well a question Steve do I say the right words on the right time? I hope I do and I hope I’m nice enough to all of you:) please write back I like to hear from you and Thomas

  99. Celina and Steve: Thenk you that You are people. You are so good and so friendly.:) I newer think that in internet you can faund peaple like You. I feel that You are wery special,kind and pretty soul. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish to get You know better.
    Celina: You are realy “nice enough” i think. Just dont be fraid to be special. Just be You.Do not lisening to that people who saids what you have not enoth talent,beauty or you are bad. I think Steve will agreed me.
    Steve:Happy birthday! Jus try to be happy. You have a talent to help people and be a good friend.You desrve to have o good celebrate I think.Be happy couse life it’s a gift. We must youse it right. Thats all that we got… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish that You get anything You whant.Live this day like it be the last day in Your life.

  100. Tomas: Don’t worry about being “too old” for Dakota. You’re a fan, not a pursuer! Besides, there’s only a few years’ difference between you, Dakota and Celina. As far as your English is concerned- I’ve seen worse (and still do) from kids who’ve grown up speaking it! You’re doing fine! Our now-degraded public schools in America could obviously learn a lot from Lithuania’s.

    You’re very right about Dakota’s huge, world-wide fan base. Back in February, I did a casual internet seach under her name… strictly for the grins. Since then, I’ve seen comments from so many countries as to be staggering! Like I’ve said as well, I wonder if she DOES know how immensely popular she is all over the globe? Believe it or not, one of her biggest fan-bases seems to be in Kazakhstan, of all places!

    She really needs to get her own official website and start connecting more with her supporters. That goes for her sister, too! All the best.

  101. Dear Celina: As I’ve said so many times before, thank you (and Tomas!) for your kind words. And, yes, you do have a wonderful personality. Don’t EVER lose it! Tomas said it best in his last comment.

    Actually, my birthday wasn’t a total bust. I went over to my brother’s house for a barbeque and my nieces gave me the dearest hand-made birthday cards you could imagine! It can be tough sometimes not having your own family, yes. It certainly wasn’t how I planned it! When you’re the oldest male sibling, you tend to gather a lot of responsibilities in a close-knit family. It can get in the way of your personal life… often at the worse times, it seems!

    Oh, yes! The ONLY Dakota film I’ve ever seen (beyond the trailers) was “Uptown Girls”. Personally, I’m of the firm opinion that Molly Gunn could have saved herself and everyone a lot of trouble if she had just spanked Ray at their first meeting! Of course, it would have ruined the plot… and Brittany Murphy’s career! Dakota’s fans would have pursued her to the ends of the earth!

    God bless.

  102. Steve: So you dont have a family of your own? Im sorry,well what went wrong on your birthday? Im sorry I have to ask but I’m the youngest I would’nt know. Well thank you for all the very sweet comments. I’m sorry but I have to put this.It is soo cool me and my friend Lauren are making up a language of our own it’s so cool and nobady can understand us and we make them so confused. Sorry I was just so happy there.

    Thomas: You don’t type that bad if people can still read it than you’r good to go :). I would like to know you a little better also. Ooh and my typing isn’t all that great either so you’r ok. lol I’m stealing my sisters chips. :d. Well I gotta go I’ll talk to you all later -k-. uhh my sisters hitting me so I gotta get her back bye x(

  103. What a great topic, Lisa! You’ve gone and turned it into a fan club forum! Steve is right, there should be a fan website, sweet little Dakota needs one. Maybe you could be the hostess there, too?


  104. Thomas: I can’t tell you where I live. I like any kind but polka and opra,well some. I….. I’m sorry to say but I don’tm really know if I believe in God. Well I have one sister and ok I guess I don’t have to be mean but she won’t listen it’s a pain well I guess you could say p.i.t.a anyways I have to go and rest being sick has made my energy disapear (I think I spelled that right)

    Steve:Hi how have you been me good but I’m coughing alot in classes and I feel embarressed when I do but other then that I’m good. Ooh and I can’t wait till tomarrow I have a feild trip and we’re going to the Coconut Bowl the arcade place by wild waters and I get to go and we get to go go-cart racing that’ll be fun and some other things, but I hope I’m well enough to go. Well anyways I have to go I’ll talk to you and Thomas later. Peace:)>-

  105. Dear Celina, thank you for the ansvers.I glad that you are fell better now.But you must be cereful.Do not relapse. :-?.
    Well i think you must be in the bed and drink hot tea.But if you fell that you are strong enough to go to the feild trip , then have a great time.Good luck!
    Well i must go to school.Bye…

  106. Dear Celina: Sorry that you’re still “under the weather”. Tomas is right. Don’t exert yourself too much on your field trip. By the way, I had a pleasant birthday over at my brother’s house with all the clan in attendance!

    Don’t make too much of what I was saying about “no family”. I was just grumbling! I don’t live in a cave or anything… I just keep a little too busy with family and community affairs to have as great a social life as I’d perhaps want.

    But I’m CERTAINLY not too old yet! As soon as I can find a good lady who wants a dozen kids, it’s a done deal! All my future daughters, however, must be just like you. It’ll be in the contract!

    Say, it sounds like you have very typical sisters. Don’t worry! When they stop ignoring, bickering or hitting you- then worry. It’ll mean they want to borrow money!

    Dear Tomas: Once again, don’t put yourself down on your English. Your spelling is still better than 2/3 of American kids online! And where are you going on YOUR field trip?

    Dear Leanne: I think this website kind of EVOLVED into a chatsite! Unfortunately, the fake “death notice” on top (and on two other sites as well) is still being found by kids who sometimes give it a glance and go positively ape! That wouldn’t have happened if Dakota had had an easily-accessible official website. Just one reason among many, actually. The good news is that this HAS turned into a good chatsite. There are few enough of those!

    Best wishes to all!

  107. I’m sorry did I change it to a chatsite I think I did sorry#-o
    Thomas: Steve is right. I feel alot better I’m not week that much and I had so much fun I’m tired now I came in 2,4,and I dont know the other one but all those numbers I raced on the go-carts it was FUN and I went on the roller coster.I know such a baby thing huh. Anyways I’ll talk to you later.

    Steve:I think I’m coping up with the Thomas: well the two dot thing sorry. But anyways I got the very best answer from my crush he said he liked me,but the reason why he dosen’t ask me out is because the year is almost over anyway. Well I don’t really blame him but can’t we still see eachother on weekends and the summer? I don’t know he’s confusing. Well I’ll talk to you and Thomas later -k-:)

  108. Dear Celina: As I had understand Thomas is your boy-friend or somethink like that?(I hope you didn’t coping up with me) If you like each other , than you supose to be together ๐Ÿ™‚ If he and you are confused you must to talk.
    Find out what is what.Take a walk and talk heartily about yours friend ship.That is mine point.But whait for Steve’s advise.

    Dear Steve: I dont know where I’m going on mine field trip, but today im going to the “aikido” certification.Do you know what is the aikido? It is one of martial arts ,reasoned in to defensive.Today i will try to get 5 kyu. :D(and have a right to wear a yellow belt).
    Ok talk later…. bye

  109. Dear Tomas: No, what Celina is talking about are her typing skills! She just spells your name “Thomas” because that’s how it’s usually spelled here in America. Her “crush” is a boy named Rene whom she knows from school. She’s not asking you for a date!:”> She may be missing a good bet, of course, but it’s a longgg way to Lithuania! Good luck on your aikido test.

    Dear Celina: I very much doubt that I’m the right person to ask about how to handle an overly-shy boy who likes you.:-” Beyond, of course, what I’ve said before. All I could tell you at this point is probably what your mom would say- the next move is HIS! In the meantime, don’t worry about it and enjoy your summer. It sounds like you’re off to a good start in that respect!

    All the best to you both!

  110. Tomas:I’m so sorry for spelling your name wrong all this time I’m sorry.#-o anyways yah Steves right I like this guy Rene and he said he liked me again and I’m happy even though we were boyfriend and girlfriend already.Yah but he likes me again.

    Steve thank you for clearing that up for me. Well I thought I’d ask you cuz you’r a guy yourself. I keep emailing him and he wont reply back but I wouldn’t blame him I mean he loves sports so he likes to play out side as for me I don’t know. I was very mad yesterday becuase me grandparents were being mean ( as usual) and this girl named rachel is pretending to be nice to me when she said to other people (my friends ,who wouldn’t agree with her anyways) that I’m a hoe and a f-in bitch so I yelled at her. So yah I was mad yesterday but I’m better now so no worrys. I’ll talk to you two later.;;)

  111. #-o
    Steve:I have seen that she calls me “Thomas”.And I understand thet SHE’S NOT asking me for a date
    x(. I had understand Celina wrong, and you had uderstand me WRONG too.
    I had thought that She is talking about a boy who name is Thomas(but not about me)…

  112. We write back at the same time ๐Ÿ˜€ cool. Real time chiat.
    Anyway the test succes. I have 5kyu now b-).
    Celina: please, just call me “Thomas” . I like that.>:d<

  113. Thomas: Will do. Ooh is that good? Does that mean you got your yellow belt? Well that’s cool I did that with my email once me and my friend were on a I sent her an email and then one second later she sent me an email amd it kept going and before you knew it we were confused on which email was which cuz she would send me an email and when I was replying to that email I would have another one after I just sent that email so we got confused but it was cool. Thank you for wondering about me people don’t tend to do that unless they like me or they’re my friend and I guess you could say that you are my friend so is Steve. So how are you I’m alot better after a few days of sickness I’m still sick though but not as much. I’m listening to this song over and over again and I love it it’s one of my favorite cuz I can dance to it.It’s hip hop. Ooh and I would love to learn what you’r learning (yellow belt stuff,dont no what you’r learning but would love to learn). Is it hard to learn? Sorry I keep changing the subject. Well got to go got to clean my room -k- talk to you later.:)

  114. Dear Celina.Thank you wery much. I’m wery happy that i can be your friend. :”> I think You and Steve are my friends. :)>- If you whant to ofcourse.I realy preciate your kindnes and that you are wery friendly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh about “the belt” :-j… AI-KI-DO is one of martial arts.(like karate, kung fu and so on…)the best example you can found i think is Steven Segal.He is aikido master.:D.
    Aikido “teachs” do not atack people,but dodge the fight.And there is no hits, just you turn your enemys energy to themselfs and they fallsdown.:D If you interesting in that try to serch bout S.Segal or “Aikido” in google.Good luck.
    I’m studing Aikido 3 yers and I got yellow bet today.
    Well I’m bit tired and must be going to sleep.
    Good night…

    Friends??????? :”>

  115. Thomas: I bet you are very tired and is it hard? Thats so cool that you got your yellow belt and I think my mom did that to she tells me that it’s good to learn defence and anything you said. well Steve is gonna have alot of emials huh well I gotta go ttyl (Talk to you later). ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Dear Tomas: Happy to hear about your yellow belt. Congratulations! By the way, I was just pulling your leg about asking Celina for a date! Uh… that means I was joking.:d

    Dear Celina: Just take it easy for a few days and get completely well. You know how fast the summer vacation can go and you don’t want to miss a day of it! As for your unfriend Rachel… just coldly ignore her. Your friends know you better, as you said. Kids like her are their own worst enemies. She’ll know a lot of sorrow herself, I’m afraid, before she learns that.:^o

  117. Thank you both.:)How you guys gonna spend your summer?
    I mean do you go rest in the beach or mabie get to work and make some money?:-?…

  118. Hey guys hows it been me nothing just here with me friend. Anyways I gotta go -k- talk to you two later sorry I have to leave so soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Dear Steve: I wasn’t aware that this had become a chatsite. I was leaving a comment for my friend Lisa, since this is her blog, and this is one of the many things she’s written in her blog. You could go up to the top and click “home” and meet the gal whose blog you’ve evolved. She’s really great!


  120. Dear Leanne: Yes, I’m aware that Lisa has a number of subsites here. I’ve left a comment on at least one other. I’m sure she’s a very charming lady. I was just saying that this one’s original intent has pretty well passed… except for an occasional surfer who finds it an jumps to a terrible conclusion! See Michael’s comments further up. That was scary!

    Dear Tomas: I’ll probably spend most of my summer working, I’m afraid. However, it’s possible that our family will take a trip sometime to New Braunfels, Texas to go inner-tubing on the river. It’s a popular summer destination, here. Of course, living in Houston puts me close to a lot of beaches! Some are still in utter wilderness! For those, however, you need an all-terrain vehicle or a boat! Let me tell you about Matagorda Island some time!

    As to skype, I couldn’t tell you. I always type directly so as to keep my typing and language skills fresh.

    Enjoy your summer, Celina!

  121. Steve:I’m sorry I havn’t been on here for one day I know I always come on here but lately I have been grugitating I hope I spelled that right (throwing up) and coughing. Last night I had a high fever but other than this I have had worse on time my tempeture was up to 103 I think it dosnt seem that high to me. I just hope I get better soon for summer anyway. But thank you for saying that. I hope you have at least some fun during your summer also and not just work. I hope Thomas has a great time also (coughing. Well I have to go and eat something it seems like I havent eaten anything,seems like all I been doing with my food is throwing it up, it seems like i’ve become rather skinny so I have to eat. I’ll talk to you and Thomas and Leanne later of course if she wants to talk to me.:)>-

  122. Hi,
    Sorry for that i haven’t been here for the long time.I had some internet connection problams, but now it’s gone.
    Dear Celina: It’s hard to heal up then you are walking aruond, going into the trips,and do something else…
    I think(and i gona say it like i always say)you must be in your bed.Take a rest for a few days by the plush bears aruond you. :)Then you’ll fell much better.;)
    Hey … guys?Do you fell summer coming?…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  123. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Good God, Celina! Coughing and regurgitating…and 103 degrees?! That’s dangerous! You can go into delirium with a temperature that high! That’s what happens when you try to tough the bug out! Please, just stay as quiet as a churchmouse for the next several days until you KNOW you’re fully recovered. Better to lose a few days of summer than a few weeks…or more! Take care, get a lot of rest and God bless.

  124. Yah…not good to her.:(:(:(.Celina,please listen to Steve and be in bed.Don’t go to computer, don’t write here.
    You got serios danger to get your illnes complicated.
    So listen to your Mom, us and be sereosly helling.
    Take a good rest. God bles you.

  125. Hey guys I’m sorry I havn’t been here for a while. I’m better now a little coughs here and there but it’s all good you know me. Anyways thank you for worrying about me I followed your guyses advice and it aperantly worked. I seem to be down though cuz the years almost over and I’m gonna leave all my friends behind and go to the new school so thats sad. I can’t believe it but I’m crying right now cuz I don’t want to leave all my friends behind. I know it’s do stupid of me to cry and to know that I’ll see tham next year but I don’t want them to change and I don’t want them to forget me. And I have the finals and I don’t want to mess up I want to do really well after all the days I’ve been sick I don’t want to fail. And for my ortho. people said I have to get some of my teeth taken out so I’m gonna be in pain and there goes part of my summer.(Crying hard now) :(( I don’t want to go to the new school. I’m sorry I’m crying its just all my peeps are gonna be there.:((:(:-<:-s:((:((

  126. Oh Celina…. please dont cry :-<.You can always write @mail to your friends, met them in holidays.Its not ower... It will be nice to see them for the long time.And you will have new friends from the new shool.If its good friends, then they whants to see you anyway.You are wery intresting and vise and nice person, so I'm shure they'll do. Its strage to say but i know what you'r feeling. Couse my parents are divorceing.So we must find a place to live,and I afcourse must change the school and friends too.So in the next school-year I be going to difrent school and live nowhone knows where.And it's realy sad...:-< :-s

  127. Kaitlin Mitchell

    Ya i totally want to b an actress!!! i wish i had Dakota Fannings life! so r u like related to her?? cause i c like milloins of ur notes up on here!!!!!! ttyl

    :)):)):)) GO DAKOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. I love Dakota!!!!!!!!!! She is the best kid bactress that ever hit the Planet!!!^:)^@};-(*) I wish I knew her!!!! She seems like she is really sweet.o:-)o:-):>:>:> Mabye I could meet her. Anything is Possible.>:d<>:d<@};-

  129. Thomas:Thank you for cheering me up and I’m really sorry for you nd your parents getting a divorce I wouln’t no what that feels like cuz my parents are still together and I’m very grateful for that I would probably never no what that feels like but I would think it would be worse than what I’m feeling. I know I can see my friends again but I’ve never left someone that I actually fell in love with so it’s my first time falling in love with someone and leaving them but I do no that I wont leave them forever but what if they move and I dont ever see them? Well I’ll talk to you later -k- thank you again for cheering me up.:) You’r a great friend, probably to many other people to but I no I a good friend when I hear or see one.:d

  130. Celina: Yeh, I know that it’s hard to left someone you love.
    That is wrong, but the world does’t stop, and you must go forward.And it doesn’t mean that someone you love gona leave you.Mabie he love you more then you do,and he do everything to be with you.Well i think it’s be better for you to dont be sorry for that, and take a good rest in summer.Don’t think about that problams so often and just relax.This way you will have realy better summer.Believe me i know that. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And thank you that you think that i’m a good friend . ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are a great friend too.
    Well, take a rest… bye
    And ,Steve, where you gone?… ๐Ÿ™

  131. Kaitlin Mitchell

    Is something wrong celina??? well I bet Thomas helped you so thats good. Still everyday I’m going to write on this saying I LOVE HANNAH DAKOTA FANNING!!!!!!!!!!!! :x:x:x~:>(*)%%-(%):)>-^:)^^:)^ Ya and I hope you are feeling better celina, remember to laugh everyday!!!! P.S. I did the chicken cause he’s cute.~:>~:> GO DAKOTA!!!!!!!!(*) =))=)):d

  132. Hello people that are reading this message: I LOVE DAKOTA FANNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there is someone else i love, too. BRANDON GEOFFROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT CARE WHO CAN SEE THIS!! CAUSE I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^:)^^:)^^:)^^:)^:x:x:x@};-@};-3:-o3:-o3:-o3:-o (i like cows, too.)3:-o3:-o3:-o3:-o**==**==**==
    but brandon geoffroy hates me.:((:((:((
    BRANDON, IF YOU CAN SEE THIS, THEN COME TO ME AND PROVE I AM WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love dakota fanning. thank you.

  133. Kaitlin Mitchell

    So, how are u all on this webpage???? I’m good. My cousin sarah is new here. So try 2 be nice to her. ok! I LOVE DAKOTA FANNING!!!!!!!!!! [-o< I wish she could read this!!!! My dad is an actor, Herb Mitchell. He's 69 but he was famous a long, long time ago!! LOL! no really he was. He's played in Rockne, Fiddler on the Roof, Austin Powers 3, and many many more. Maybe one day you could meet him if u r reading this!!!(*)~:>~:> I LOVE HANNAH DAKOTA FANNING!!!!!!

  134. Kaitlin Mitchell

    :((:((:(( I’m moving too, celina!!!!!!!!!! Well I’m not exactly sure if ur crying cause of that but I would. Hey where r u moving???? I’d really like 2 no. see ya!!!!!!!~:>@};-@};-**==~:>

  135. Dear Kaitlin: I’d been meaning to ask you about your father. I recognized his name when you first mentioned him, but I had forgotten what roles he had played. Wasn’t he also in a high-profile T.V. program? Also: Are ya’ll any relation to Thomas or Cameron Mitchell? And no, Celina’s not moving, she’s just transferring to a new school and, naturally, she’s a little down-hearted about leaving some friends behind.

    Dear Sarah: I’m sure that if Brandon (and Dakota!) see your message, they’ll both come to love you very much…in different ways, of course!

    Dear Tomas: Whenever a family breaks up, it’s a tragedy. I’m terribly sorry for you. My brother’s first marriage went south, too, and it left mental scars all around… but none more so than on my nephew Robert. He was only 5 when it happened, which made it especially tough for him. He still has problems with motivation and girl friends, but now that he’s 19 and just graduated from high school, he’s coming out of it at last. Family support, faith in God (and the added love of his two adorable step-sisters!) has made the difference. May this bring you comfort. God bless.

    Hi, Celina! I just got back from a two-day trip to San Antonio for a convention. I do that every two years… have fun, handle business, make new friends and reaquaint with old. It’ll be much the same with you as you go to a new school for a year and then on to high school. Always a new mix… but you’ll be surprised how often old friends from your previous schools will pop back into your life, sometimes when you least expect it! Don’t mourn them for lost! All the best.

  136. Steve: Thank you I know my mom said the exact same thing I guess elders know alot dont they well anyways thanx. That must be fun on going to San Antonio. It was wired yesterday cuz I went to roller kingdom and right when I walked in I got hit on and I was like geese I can’t believe this cuz I didn’t want to get hit on but it happened. Well anyways enough about me how are you? Thank you again for giving me advice once again (lol):).

    Thomas: Thank you for cheering me up I do hope you dont feel that bad about your parents…..well dont listen to me I dont know anything about divorcing I dont think I can spell it right (lol). Well thank you for calling me a good friend your an even better friend I bet.:) The part about the love well all my friends says he doesn’t love me and he emailed me saying lets just be good friends ok and I replied saying ok but I don’t know if he really means it. Well I have to go this coffee is making me sick. :d

    Kaitlin: I’m not moving any where I’m just going to a new school as Steve perfectly said. I don’t have much to say cuz I don’t know you that well but……Ooh well sa for your other question there is nothing really wrong it’s just sence I’m going to a new school the one in my area all my friends are gonna stay there at the school I’m going to now and my xxxboyfriend is gonna saty there and we had this field day thing where you just have fun and get wet all day. Well sence I know that he still likes me we got really close and it was on thrusday so not so long ago. So I was crying over him right after I promised myself that I would never cry over a guy but I guess it happened. So now I think I’m a BIG baby for crying….well it’s not that bad I already have Thomas convicing me that it won’t be forever and I guess I’m believing him. See I cry cuz I don’t want them to forget me or I just don’t want them to change but I can’t make them not change huh. Well enough about me what about you where are you moving to. And how are you? Ok well I really have to go the coffee smell is getting me sick (lmao) well I’ll talk to you,Steve, and Thomas and maybe even Sarah -k- ttyl:d

  137. Steve & Celina: Thank you for worrying bout me.That’s wery nice.You are realy good friends .I wish to get to know you better,to meet up…But I live long way from you…
    None knows, mabie someday I be livening in USA.
    In wich other countrys have you been? I born and live in Lithuania, and never have been abroad. :-l 8-x
    And I fell realy bad for that, couse I like trips and whant to visit many butiful countrys.But enough about me.How you guys doing?
    p.s:Celina don’t dring that coffee!(lol) ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Dear Celina: Your reaction to that coffee was predictable! You’re body still needs rest and it’s trying to tell you that caffeine is the LAST thing that it wants right now! Also: Delerium means a state of being, well, dazed. A high temperature scrambles the brain’s synapses. It’s like a computer after a power surge… the circuits go haywire!

    By “hitting on you”, do you mean that the guy was attracted to you and just being a little pushy… or a WHOLE LOT pushy? If the latter, I’d really advise you not to go there again without friends or family (like your big brother!) around you. Some guys will see an attractive girl who’s apparently unescorted and go into “easy mark” mode without a second thought. When you’re a young girl, always go in crowds of friends (and stay with them!) or with a man that you can trust… the meaner looking, the better!

    Was Rene giving you the old “let’s be friends” line? And on the internet? I’m a little disappointed in that young man. If a guy thinks it’s best to break up with his girlfriend, he at least owes her the courtesy of telling her so to her face and explaining why. It’s never an easy thing, but it’s the right thing and the responsible thing. Rene’s going to have to learn that being even a casual boyfriend still means a test of responsibility. Girls are not just throw-away objects of passing affection. That’s key… and he’s just failed in his first test. Forgive him… but move on. I’ll lay good odds that your friends and parents have already told you just that almost word for word!

    Tomas: Do you belong to any youth groups like the Boy Scouts or a church-based organization? Those will often sponsor low-cost group outings to interesting places and make the necessary arrangements for you. In America, of course, there are no border stops, passports or language differences when travelling between states. Even when going to Canada or Mexico (within a hundred miles of the border), only a driver’s license is needed.

    Europe’s different!! If you’ve never been out of Lithuania, that might be the best way to travel. I know that Baltic cruises have become increasingly popular among Americans since 1991. There’s a thought! If you’re thinking of southern Germany, I might be able to give you a few tips. I was stationed there for three years when I was in the Army.

    One thing, though. Avoid Chernobyl! Having kids with two heads ain’t cool!! Best wishes.

  139. Steve: Thank you yah my mom kinda siad something like that about Rene.Hes to shy around me though I hate that I love guys who make me laugh and who arn’t arfaid to talk to me but we became really close though on field day he got me wet with a water bottle and I was soaked so I chased him around like the whole school just to get him back and I did :p;)) but this guy named jiberan I messed up his hair and he chased after me and grabed me to where his arm was around my neck (but I can breath) and he dumped a whole water bottle on my head before Rene did it was fun though. But to many people I was like their main target to get and…they got me.

    About the guy I was with my sister and he was a 9th grader but I gave him a fake # and name. About the bringing the friends well last time I brought my friends it was my sisters b-day and we went to roller kingdom and they ended up giving him my # and name anyways so I yelled at them (rolling eyes).

    About the caffeine I didnt drink any my sister was making it and the smell smelled gross so I had to leave really fast. So don’t worry all the advice you’ve been giving me seems to work. Both of your advice. Well of course your my elders so I would end up listening to you guys. Rene it’s different he would end up listening to me cuz I’m a few days older then him.(lol).:p

    Thomas: Thank you for giving me advice and I didnt drink the coffee don’t worry. Well I’m sorry that yours was so short but I have to study for my finals and I have to work on my garden with my mom after I’m done with that -k- well I’ll talk to you Steve and kaitlin later.:d

  140. Steve:I don’t belong to scouts.But I like excursions and trips to mine small country. ๐Ÿ™‚ This summer mabie I’ll go to a work camp.(or something like that)It will be funn. It’s like army.Many physical work,and wild army rules. ๐Ÿ˜€ And old good Captude The Flag game with nearby camp. ๐Ÿ˜€ %%-
    I can’t whait for that. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D.
    Samantha Wharton : No, this thing newer hepends.It’s a bad joke.
    Celina: @};-

  141. Samantha: First of all, please read my remarks (#2001) on “Dakota Countdown”. Those comments made in my name that upset you so much WERE NOT MINE!! It wasn’t Oscar. He’s not clever enough. Only Hexium had the means, motive and opportunity… and he knew I would be away for at least nine hours. Please don’t believe this of me. I value your friendship.

    By the way; since you saw that faked CNN death notice, then you can understand what brought me to this site originally. Like you, others have come to this site (and at least two others like it) where that “headline” is posted and have become frightened- sometimes to the point of panic. Rest assured, it’s not true. Just recently, she briefly spoke to Katie Couric on the “Good Morning America” show. It was just a terribly heartless lie meant to cause a lot of needless sorrow to a lot of innocent kids… Dakota herself included.

  142. Tomas: You have my respect! Most American kids would consider going to an Army-style work camp for the summer a punishment, not a fun opportunity! I think our kids could use a little of that spirit.

    In fact, why don’t we pool our money and send Celina over there? :d None of these silly bowling alleys, roller rinks and catty friends. Just fresh air, good fellowship… and LOTS of potatoes to peel!!:o It’ll be great! What do you think, Celina?

    Seriously, Tomas, that sounds like a very good thing. We once had private programs like that over here and probably still do somewhere. We could use more like it. Please keep us posted about your experiences when you can. Maybe, with God’s Grace, your good example will inspire your parents to reconcile.

    Best wishes to all.

  143. Steve:I dont think that my parents could ever be together again.I have alredy accepted that… Thank you for worrieng bout me.:)
    About army camp,I newer have been there, but my friend has.
    He told me about it and i decided to join.
    I dont know how all this look like, but I can image. It will be realy funn I think.I whant go there and fell something fresh,new and become stronger in physical.Find a new friends and to be with my self in nature.
    Oh, I have a company and must go…
    All best ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. Thomas: Noooo :(( don’t go for army that’ll be sad. Well of course if it’s just a camp then ok but if it’s for real then NOOOOOO please don’t go I like to talk to you:). Ooh and thank you for the flower on your other comment. It was very sweet I like that.

    Steve: Thank you for the pooling the money for me but I don’t know maaaybe. You know the whole parent thing 8-| (sigh and rolling eyes). Well it was terrible I didn’t finish my s.s test and I’m really worried if I’ll pass and the english test I don’t know if it’s all right. Tomarrow I have math and I barily know anything in there cuz my teacher has a monotone and is really boring I havn’t been paying much attention and then I have science and Iv’e been sick for those few days I missed a couple of stuff and I’m really worried :-ss I don’t want to mess up. Well when I was taking the s.s test my friend zack said don’t worry you’r only here for a few more days have fun and I said thanx so he kinda took worry off of me so that’s good. :-<. Ooh guess what all my friends signed my pants today I have a ton it's very colorful and Rene signed on my hip my friend Natalia and my teacher bothe signed on my butt but both girls my teacher (s.s teacher the one that signed my butt) is really cool she rocks. Well anyways enough about me and my bragging what about you how was yours and Thomases day? And how have you been. I'm sorry I talk and brag alot dont I. Well anyways I'll talk to you and Thomas later -k-:)

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