What started out as an innocent project has taken all weekend, and is still continuing as we speak – – or as I type.

Very long story short….I purchased a new computer last week. When we purchase new computer systems in this house – we don’t run out and buy a Dell system, or anything like that. We purchase each component seperately and then piece it together on the floor of my office. So, yea – I picked up a new motherboard, CPU, cooling system, RAM, Video card, Hard drives, monitor, new case – the whole thing. First came the assembly – then came the OS installation…then came the gazillion Windows Updates and Office Updates. Then came the various and sundry software installations and configurations…ya get the picture.

I did all my necessary backups on my old computer Friday night in preparation for the Saturday computer project. It’s now Sunday night and the computer is *almost* ready for me to use. I haven’t accessed my email or been able to work all weekend – – I had anticipated being back to my normal computing routines this morning…but, alas – it was not meant to be. For the most part, it has gone pretty smoothly – – but other various life stuff got in the way of getting it all completed in one day.

I’m sure I will be back to normal by morning – – if you’ve attempted to get ahold of me this weekend..this would be why you haven’t been able to. Withdrawl? Nah…..

Ok – so it’s 2AM and I’m finally done. I’ve popped my email and have gotten things back to a (relatively) normal state. Time to sleep and tomorrow I shall pick up where I left off on Friday.

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  1. Hi Lisa…..sounds like you had a busy weekend. I hope that all the activity curbed your insomnia and that you got a good nights rest. Be well 🙂

  2. Geeze, and here about all we did was take the Mite to the farm show for Saturday and took mrs. Knight shoe shopping on Sunday. Hopefully the new comp looks as good as mrs. Knight’s new red patent wedge sandals…

  3. I never built a computer before – it doesn’t seem too difficult in terms of putting it together. Mount the motherboard in the case, connect a few (sarcasm) cables, remember to be careful with the CPU, etc. Much luck with the project!

  4. BonBon: Thanks – the computer building did relieve the insomnia..sort of. It just gave me a good reason to lose sleep, rather than just plain ol’ insomnia 🙂

    Astro: Shoe shopping?? Why didn’t you call??? lol – got pictures? You just gave me a good idea for my weekend procrastination plans!

    Michael: If only it were as easy as you just made it sound 😉 It’s all done, dusted and, happily, working very smoothly… now.

  5. I hear ya. Big time software install at work means I don’t want any part of that at home. Right now we’re “finishing up” painting a couple of rooms. Have been doing that for about a week.:-w

  6. Sean: Trust me, the idea of buying a Dell was VERY tempting. However a pre-assembled computer w/ pre-installed software gives me a case of the icks. lol – besides, you can’t buy a pre-assembled computer these days without Windows Vista, can you?

    Cappy: I’d rather be painting rooms 🙂 Thankfully, the computer project is done. whew! :)>-

  7. My brother and I had fun putting together a new computer for him a few months ago and we did much the same thing. We went out and purchased all the parts separately, matching them up for optimal performance. It was a lot of fun plus a great feeling after you’re done and everything works so smoothly.

    I’ve always found that with OEM systems that if you’re a ‘creative’ power user you can run into a lot of issues with drivers and weird hardware compatibility issues.

    I’m sure doing what you do for a living that you’re all about the backups. It can be so time consuming installing an OS and drivers, updates, programs and then getting everything the way you like it. I use a program called Acronis to take an image of my system. I’ve found it to be fast and very reliable. It’s a neat program, you might be interested if you don’t know of it already.


  8. Jono: I use a RAID setup, which keeps an automatic backup of my drive – though, one can never have too many backup systems in place can they? Heh – I’m a crazy backup maker. I’ll have to put Acronis into Google and see what I can find. Thanks for the tip!

    Jenny: I’m pretty sure I have less hair now than I had at the beginning of the weekend. 😮

  9. Nice meeting you,Lisa.I’m a Chinese boy.I think u have assembled a computer DIY.Did it run well?
    I’m looking for your new blog.
    Can you write a e-mail to me if you are convenience.
    My e-mail is xmxxmx007@yahoo.com.cn.

  10. Jason – I have a Mac 🙂 Though, I have to say – – I have yet to be able to completlely tear myself away from the PC.. i’m not a TOTAL convert…yet! :)>-

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