Technology vs. Technology

February 15, 2004 * 8 Comments

People annoyed by cell phones turn to jammers A cafe customer fed up with cell phone chatter sits in a bubble of blissful silence as nearby patrons puzzle over dead handsets. A man tries to take a secret snapshot with his camera phone, but gets only a blank screen. A priest imbues his church with a new energy — the electromagnetic kind — to keep his sermons serene and free from beeps, chirps and rockin’ ring tones. These are glimpses at a war of gadgets quietly playing out around the world. This gadget would make Lori happier than a fox […]

Bad ski instructor – – bad, bad

January 9, 2004 * 3 Comments

The ski instructor from hell An Aspen Times columnist has been fired from her job as a snowboard instructor at Snowmass after mocking her students and their parents in a recent column. In her Jan. 1 column, Alison Berkley described one student as a ”fat retarded kid” and ”whale boy,” and said students’ ”ultrawealthy” parents ”think I’m a miracle worker because their brain-dead kid actually got excited about something besides video games for the first time since the day she turned 13.” Later in the column, the 33-year-old Berkley wrote: ”The real reward comes at the end of the day […]

Morning After

December 19, 2003 * 2 Comments

I can’t quite seem to wrap my mind around why ProLifers are up in arms about this. The panel on Tuesday voted in favor of over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception amid concerns from anti-abortion critics and worries from others that easier access to morning-after pills may increase unsafe sex, particularly among teenagers. First off, why would anit-abortion critics have concerns? This isn’t abortion we’re talking about here. This pill does not induce a miscarriage of an already forming embryo. It prevents the fertilized egg from embedding in the lining of the uterus. Now, some may argue that a fertilized egg […]

We Remember

December 7, 2003 * 1 Comment

Pearl Harbor is its Name Ships resting gently in Pearl Harbor, A very peaceful sight. No one thought by early morning, There would be a terrible fight. For the Japanese came sneaking, Out of the morning light, And headed towards Pearl Harbor, To attack with all their might. They caught the Harbor unaware, Set loose their weapons of war. Bombs and torpedoes were raining down, Upon this Hawaiian shore. Along Battleship row, the Pacific fleet, Were caught right in the trap. Death and destruction started this war, There would be no turning back. Many ships were sunk that day, Some […]

Solar Pulse

October 23, 2003 * 3 Comments

Have you heard about the up and coming Solar Pulse? The fact that we are expecting a major ‘space storm’ tomorrow the through the weekend? Once in a while–exactly when scientists still cannot predict–an event occurs on the surface of the Sun that releases a tremendous amount of energy in the form of a solar flare or a coronal mass ejection, an explosive burst of very hot, electrified gases with a mass that can surpass that of Mount Everest. [SOURCE] Apparently, the magnetic force of such a storm can disrupt electrical grids, cellular/pager/wireless services, TV signals, GPS signals, etc, etc […]

NASA Research Project

October 3, 2003 * 2 Comments

Did Comets Make Life on Earth Possible? An ambitious new NASA research project aims to answer perhaps the most vexing and profound of scientific mysteries: How did life on Earth begin? (snip) Most scientists have long believed that life on Earth began as a “primordial soup” in a lake or pond some four billion years ago. According to this theory, chemicals from the atmosphere combined with some form of energy necessary to make amino acids—the building blocks of proteins—to create the first primitive organisms, kicking off the evolution of Earth’s species. But the primordial soup theory is being increasingly disputed. […]

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