Charles & Camilla

April 11, 2005 * 24 Comments

For personal reasons, this wedding day thrilled me to pieces. See, I’m just a romantic at heart, really. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? I am. I go for all that mushy love stuff. Every. Single. Time. I’ve been rooting for Charles and Camilla for quite a few years. Even as unpopular as she is. Why? Love. After 30 some-odd years, they finally find their way back to one another – despite all of the scandal, ugliness and loveless relationships that they’ve both been through. I’m not really condoning how they got from that point to this one. Not […]

Andrea Yates – Murder Convictions Overturned

January 6, 2005 * 29 Comments

Texas Mom’s Murder Convictions Overturned Andrea Yates’ capital murder convictions for drowning her children were overturned Thursday by an appeals court, which ruled that a prosecution witness’ erroneous testimony about a nonexistent TV episode could have been crucial. Yates’ lawyers had argued at a hearing last month before a three-judge panel of the First Court of Appeals in Houston that psychiatrist Park Dietz was wrong when he mentioned an episode of the TV show “Law & Order” involving a woman found innocent by reason of insanity for drowning her children. After jurors found Yates guilty, attorneys in the case and […]

Fetus? Baby?

December 17, 2004 * 16 Comments

In this story – a “fetus” was taken from a slain woman’s womb. They refer to it as a “fetus” : Earlier Friday, investigators put out an Amber Alert (search) for the missing fetus and had expanded their search outside Missouri, where 8-months-pregnant Bobbi Jo Stinnett (search), 23, was found slain in her house by her own mother Thursday afternoon. The fetus had been cut from her womb. And yet, Scott Peterson killed Laci and “Baby” Conner. Explain the difference? This missing “fetus” wasn’t referred to as a “baby” until after it was found, alive. “Baby” Conner was never found […]

Mandatory Mental Health Screening for Your Kids? NOWAY!

November 16, 2004 * 14 Comments

The House will likely pass an omnibus spending bill by this Saturday. It must include language prohibiting money from being spent on mandatory mental-health screening of kids; otherwise, the screening programs already operating in Texas and Illinois will be implemented nationwide. Should the government subject your children to mandatory mental-health screening without your consent? I say “NO!” The pharmaceutical industry says “yes” because it wants millions of new customers for drugs! such as Ritalin. The psychiatry/psychology/counseling establishment says “yes” because they want millions of new patients. These groups are represented by the most powerful and highest paid lobbyists in Washington […]

Guilty in the First Degree!

November 12, 2004 * 22 Comments

Scott Peterson has been convicted of the murder of his wife, Lacy, and his son, Conner. First degree murder – now they will need to go to trial to determine if he should be sentenced to death. Convicted to first degree murder with special circumstances. Based soley on circumstancial evidence – – no witnesses, no DNA, no weapon, no proof – none. Just a lot of lies, betrayals, cheating and stupidity. For baby Conner – Scott is found guilty in the second degree. Wow! It’s finally over! Err….except for the appeals.

Verdict Reached

November 12, 2004 * 3 Comments

About damn time! The jury has reached a verdict in the Peterson case and it will be announced shortly. (3pm CST). We don’t have to sit through another trial! What will it be? An acquittal? Second degree murder? First degree murder? First degree with special circumstances (i.e. no death penalty) ? Update: If a conviction happens – I smell a mistrial. Though, they probably won’t let Scott out on bail because they’ll consider him a flight risk. The suspense is killing me. Do I need to get a life, or what? What the jury didn’t hear Play by Play of […]

Possible Hung Jury?

November 8, 2004 * 42 Comments

Apparently, the jury in the Scott Peterson trial have told the judge may not be able to reach a unanimous decision. The judge asked them to take some more time, and not to be afraid to consider changing their minds. Quite honestly, Peterson is an ass. He probably had something to do with Lacy’s death. However, without any physical evidence tying him to the actual murder – did anyone really expect a unanimous verdict? The entire case is circumstantial. There will be some jurors who will have no problem convicting him on circumstantial evidence, alone. Yet, there will be hold-outs […]

News?? What's that??

November 1, 2004 * 3 Comments

Apparently what you didn’t hear in regards to the Osama Bin Laden video tape released last week is the cave-dwelling terror lord talking about the setbacks al Qaeda has faced in recent months and complaining that the manhunt against him has hampered al Qaeda. My good friend, Slobo, asks the pressing question – – will the media clue us all in, or wait until November 3rd to enlighten us on what is going on in the world?

The Pack & Skins

October 31, 2004 * 16 Comments

See . .this is a rarity for me. I’m rooting for the Skins today against my beloved Pack. There are somethings that trump a Packer win – – and that is the my President winning re-election. Call me superstitious, fine. As the record shows – if the Washington Redskins win their game on the week before elections, the incumbant has won re-election. If they lose, the challenger wins the office. Along the same line – there is another theory that the record shows if the Green Bay Packers lose their game on the week before election, the incumbant wins re-election, […]

R.I.P. Christopher Reeve

October 11, 2004 * 9 Comments

This man lived a courageous life with a strong fight to the finish. Thoughts out to his friends and family. R.I.P. Superman. (found via Drudge)

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