February 5, 2008 * 3 Comments

No matter your candidate – be sure to rock your vote today. Now THIS is funny – Buzzword of 2008 – CHANGE.. found via kinnon.tv

Quick Update

June 8, 2007 * 3 Comments

Just a quickie today . . I’m pressed (shoved? smashed?) against some hard deadlines today. Coffee.. coffee and MORE coffee please! Last week, I mentioned a radio interview that I did on SRD Radio with my good friend, Dave Chadwick. Dave has the episode up and live today so you can go and listen and gawk at what a dork I sound like in audio. Be nice, though – I was nervous! Here is a rundown of Dave’s show for this week: I talk about how I gained 50 pounds in 5 years and how I intend to lose it […]

Is it Monday already?

March 5, 2007 * 12 Comments

Actually, it is. I just looked at my clock and it’s officially 1:30am here. Why am I still up? Why am I ever . . . just because I don’t blog about insomnia, doesn’t mean its still not kicking my ass six ways ’till Sunday. I’ve pretty much resigned myself with the understanding that I shall sleep when I am dead. Really, why fight it anymore – it’s exhausting….and yet, not exhausting ENOUGH! Heh. It does leave me wondering what life would be like if I had a normal sleep pattern. Would it be different? Would I see the world […]

Sad Poker Face

October 11, 2006 * 1 Comment

I’m not really betting woman, normally – but I do like a good game of poker or blackjack. I’m pretty decent at both games and usually don’t regret any game I’ve ever sat in on. My gambling moments were usually kept for those visits to Vegas, or Atlantic City – – or even the Indian gaming casinos here in Wisconsin. I can drive down the highway for about 30 minutes and find a casino.. walk in and sit myself down to a game of poker or blackjack anytime that I want. Not that I ever find the time to do […]

Long Live Juan Valdez!

June 1, 2006 * 2 Comments

I was notified of this via email from my friend, Tom. It’s a sad, sad day for coffee lovers everywhere: ‘Juan Valdez’ Is Hanging Up His Poncho BOGOTA, Colombia (May 31) – Juan Valdez is retiring. Long live Juan Valdez! The ambassador to the world for Colombian coffee, Carlos Sanchez, is hanging up his trademark poncho after four decades of playing the role of “Juan Valdez.” Now the national federation of Colombian coffee producers, owners of the Juan Valdez trademark, is searching for a man to inherit that poncho. Sanchez and his trusty mule Conchita have promoted Colombian coffee since […]

Dakota Fanning?

April 11, 2006 * 188 Comments

So, apparently, CNN ran with this last night: And then, they promptly removed it – – all traces of it. I <3 Dakota Fanning – I hope this was just a big goof up. via: Diva Dish Update: This, of course, is a hoax – – I shoulda seen it coming, eh? What a horrible hoax it is, too! Thanks to Chris for pointing out the hoax update.

Hacking Insulin

March 15, 2006 * 2 Comments

Ready for WiFi drugs? Medicines can’t work effectively if patients don’t follow their dosing schedule — a problem researchers hope to overcome by delivering drugs using an implanted microchip linked to a wireless control outside the body. Researchers for MicroCHIPS Inc. say they’ve successfully controlled drug doses for up to six months in dogs that received implants in an experiment. Inside the implants were postage stamp-sized microchips containing 100 tiny reservoirs of medicine released at different intervals and amounts. …. MicroCHIPS’ system is far smaller than insulin pumps — its experimental implant is about the size of a small cookie, […]


June 30, 2005 * 76 Comments

I’ve watched the news coverage on the Natalee Halloway case for the past month. It’s a sad case and I really feel for her folks every time I see them interviewed on TV. Aruba handles things differently than the US when it comes to their law enforcement. Of course they do, they are a different country after all. It’s interesting to watch the coverage on Greta’s show and the commentary on Bill O’Reilly. Everyone seems to want to impose US law and law enforcement techniques in this case. Leaves me wondering if an Aruban citizen went missing here in the […]

ONE Blog

June 29, 2005 * 1 Comment

Blog ONE joins the blogosphere -… from the ONE blog: together, as ONE, we can discuss ways to end AIDS and extreme poverty in our lifetime! No matter who you vote for, whether you go to a church or mosque, or if you live in Hollywood or the Heartland, millions of us agree that as ONE we can reach across divides of politics, religion and music and do something extraordinary together. Have you signed the letter to President Bush yet asking for his support at the upcoming G8 summit? Over a quarter-million Americans have signed the letter so far and […]

Is it safe to go to Florida?

June 16, 2005 * 34 Comments

Just thinking . . . In the past year – we’ve heard of some pretty horrific child abduction, rape, murder cases out of Florida. As a matter of fact, we’ve heard some pretty horrendous cases all over the United States of children gone missing, kids raped and killed – -as well as adults being killed . . . husbands killing their wives — wives killing husbands – – parents murdering their kids . . . kids shooting other kids… shooting up schools . . . work place violence. . and on and on. I haven’t looked up the crime rate […]

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