What Makes a Successful Designer?

What do you feel you need to accomplish to be a success? Perhaps it’s all about the money, or enjoying yourself? Maybe you want to win awards, or go freelance? Maybe you’ll only feel successful once you own your own company? I got tagged with this by Paul Enderson of Reflections – originally started by Lauren Marie Krause in an effort to gather thoughts from other freelance designers on the topic they love the most – designing! Thanks Paul, nothing like a little self-reflection in the middle of my day to keep me focused! I’ve been in the design business […]

Got Your Sunglasses On?

I know.. I know – – really bright, hey? Yea.. well, I’ve been pretty dark over the past several months.. design wise – and I felt it was time to brighten things up around here a little. Ok – a lot! It’s springtime. I’m done with my book. It’s time to shed some baggage and feel a little lighter and brighter as I head into summer. I know it’s a lot to adjust to… but hopefully it will grow on you the way it grew on me while I was designing it. I still have a few adjustments to make […]

Yes, I am Procrastinating

2 days to go on the book deadline – – will she make it? Or will she lose her sanity in the process? Time will tell. I have yet to finish the chapters for WordPress MU, but am getting there! I do have my Amazon.Com Connect Blog – so this is getting more and more real every day. Eek! Is the redesign of a blog a spring cleaning type of thing? I just helped Aaron launch his new design over at Technosailor. And Leanne just launched her own beautiful new design today. Is it a spring thing? I’m getting the […]

E.Webscapes is Hiring

Too many blogs – not enough time in the day! We are filling some serious amounts of design orders over at E.Webscapes – so much so that I am looking for a good designer (or two!) to join our team of talented designers. I’ve posted a job opening on my Design Blog – if you’re interested, have a read. If you’re REALLY interested – drop me a line. I’m looking for serious inquiries only. This is a part-time, work-from-home, position (unless you really WANT an in-office position.. I’ll try and make room for you here in my crowded office space!) […]

For the love of CSS

Within the past few months.. well, really, since I announced that I would be writing WordPress for Dummies – my site, my work…I have recieved a bit more attention than I usually do. Anyone who knows me understands that I’m a pretty private individual…I’m not used to the spotlight — I can function in it, but don’t have a comfort level there. A little extra attention due to the release of my book is to be expected though, hey? Though, I simply do what I do.. my work makes me happy, but I’m not all that unique, in the grand […]

Coffee Break at 9PM

Let’s see.. my day consisted of: Setting up one completed custom WordPress installation and design for a client whose host has some kinda funky PHP settings that took about 3 hours to finally resolve and get the WordPress installation working correctly. (Psst . . for LunarPages folks, if you suffer from the ‘500 Internal Server’ affliction after running a clean install of WordPress and can’t make a post to your site without being locked out completely – chmod folders to 755, chmod PHP files to 644 and then put this in your .htaccess file: SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off Restoring another […]

As The Apple Falls

Recently, I’ve been getting some interesting IM’s from my daughter… “Mom, how do I link an image so that someone can click on it and go to a different page?” “Mom, can I get your upgraded version of Animation Shop?” And so on. Tonight, she came downstairs and asked me if I was working. I said , “Of course I’m working – what else do I do?” Heh. She asked if she could watch. I said yes – so she did. As she watched she asked all sorts of questions along the way about the process of design, and then […]

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