WordPress Girl in a Movable Type World

Go ahead… ask me how I spent my weekend…. The short answer: in a designers hell. The long answer: I spent my entire weekend developing FOUR different blogs for 2 different clients – each of these 4 blogs developed and designed in Movable Type 4. And here I thought that old saying went like this: “bad things happen in threes” ?? My dear friends at SixApart – that was sarcasm.. but, really – does the template engine within MT4 have to be so unecessarily complicated? Maybe I’m just simply a spoiled WP Girl? Call me crazy, but I do sorta […]

The Un-Design and 10 Great WordPress Plugins I'm Using

I announced earlier in the week that I was planning a redesign….and I really, really was. Except, for now – I’m not. I’m too indecisive, can’t make up my mind, can’t concentrate on anyone thing with the end result … well, the almost end result, feeling pretty disorganized. My problem is that I don’t have enough time to devote to my own stuff right now and it was feeling too forced, without any good damn reason for the redesign to begin with – – except for the fact that I’m tiring of the lightness of it all. I’ll just have […]

Future of Web Design

I’ll be in attendance at the hottest design event this year – the Future of Web Design in New York November 7 & 8. I’m excited about attending the different workshops and presentations planned for those two days. I’m really looking forward to giving my inspiration a kick in the ass! Many have emailed to ask if I would be attending the upcoming Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, but unfortunately the two events are held at the same time and I couldn’t find a (reasonable) way to be in Vegas and NYC simultaneously! Boo! For those attending Blog World […]

Mac IE – CSS

Just a quick note for anyone else who may run into this problem. I recently had someone contact me at E.Webscapes looking to hire me to troubleshoot and fix a problem they were having with the display of their custom theme on their site. I wasn’t the original designer of the theme, but the person who contacted me said that the original designer didn’t know how to fix the problem. The problem? The site displayed fine in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera and Netscape. I say it displayed fine in Internet Explorer… on a PC. But, in Internet Explorer on […]

WordPress Girl

There are reasons people know me as a WordPress Designer – other than the fact that I’ve written the book on it. I’ve been developing/designing WordPress sites since 2003 – – and I think in blog time, that’s almost ancient. Occasionally, however, I do get requests for designs on different platforms (like Movable Type, Typepad, Blogger, etc). Rarely – – and I do mean very rarely, I get an order for an Expression Engine site. I think in the 5 years I’ve been doing this – I can count on one hand how many orders I get for Expression Engine […]

Designer Job Posting

Work, work, work…it’s my reason for the lack of updates here. It’s looking up, though – I actually got a final print date on the book, which is very exciting. I’ll just say that it’s soon! In other news, we’ve put a call for designers over at E.Webscapes, once again! The demand for our services has been growing at a steady rate and we’re looking to hire one one or two more designers who are experienced with graphic design, CSS and the popular blogging platforms available today (mainly WordPress – but Expression Engine, MT and Typepad as well). Interested? Visit […]

Sandbox Designs Competition Complete

Awhile ago I posted about the Sandbox Designs Competition that started back in June. The competition is now complete and the winning designs have been announced and displayed. First prize went to Arpit Jacob for SandPress, which is a really sharp and clean theme. Congrats to all the winners of the competition and big kudos to all the designers who participated. The WP community gets to benefit greatly from all of these new and great themes, based on the Sandbox Theme. Congrats to Scott Wallick for running a sane (I think ?) and successful competition, and to the judges who […]

Stuff in My Head

There’s been a WHOLE lotta work going on around here..and not so much play. It’s alright, though… I get a short reprieve the weekend of the 27th when I get to leave all this work behind for a few days and attend the Blogher conference. So far, I’m looking forward to meeting up with Kathy, Leanne, the folks from Wiley and (possibly) my wonderful clients over at Crank Mama (it was through their post that I found this interesting recipe for a Perfect Martini that sounds like the closest I will ever come to a religious experience). Crank Mama is […]

CSS Theft

What’s worse than having someone completely rip off your design, including your CSS (which has a pretty clear copyright statement, btw)? What’s worse is that they take your shit – and their site STILL looks like crap because they don’t know what to do with your stuff once they have it. I’m just sayin…

Stupid Coding Bloopers

Sometimes when I’m coding and working on designs, my brain goes on auto-pilot and I make some of the weirdest errors in my code, without even knowing it – causing me to load the design I’m working on and then say…”WTF??” when it doesn’t work the way I think it should. I go back and look at my code and I see some pretty silly stuff that tells me I need to pay more attention to what I’m doing. Like what? Well… In a CSS container where I want to define a height and width of an element… the normal […]

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