CSS Theft


What’s worse than having someone completely rip off your design, including your CSS (which has a pretty clear copyright statement, btw)?

What’s worse is that they take your shit – and their site STILL looks like crap because they don’t know what to do with your stuff once they have it.

I’m just sayin…

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12 thoughts on “CSS Theft”

  1. I really hate to link the offender w/o giving them the opportunity to make ammends.. besides – why give linkage to someone like that? I emailed you, tho 😉

  2. The only up-side I can find in this is that at least they liked your work enough to think it worth ripping off.
    Okay, so that’s not much consolation.

  3. Stevie, that much is true.

    The person in question has since apologized and appears to have taken the design down, at the moment. Aside from not letting sticky fingers copy in the first place, that is as much as I can ask for 🙂

  4. Oh, you are nicer than I. I’ve had enough of Miss Nice Moxie. I just called them flat out. I probably would have given them the opportunity to apologize if they didn’t go around touting themselves as humanitarians.

  5. Well I think its bad to steal someones entire page or layout. I can understand if you get an idea and use the page to just get ideas from but having your own stuff is good. Stealing someones work is pretty bad.I personally would like to learn more about making my own custom template. I can change certain aspects like color and lines so far but, really nothing too much more. I don’t think it is wrong to convert someones code to something entirely new.Do you?If it looks nothing like your original layout, is it wrong that they used your code as the base???I am better with myspace layouts for the time being.I am better with photoshop than anything else and just started using publisher the other day. Have any tips for a single mommy from brooklyn?

  6. The sad thing is that a lot of people who call themselves DESIGNERS are doing just that. My god, if you can’t come up with an original idea for your own web site, how can you expect to do so for others? And for money. Jesus.

    I mean, look at pirated-sites.com, marvel at the number of “designers” ripping off other designers. The mind reels.

    And whoever said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery obviously never had their stuff stolen.

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