Crazy Busy


The new year has started out with a bang – and very busy, as well. My post here may be very light over the next few weeks – – unless I get a terminal case of insomnia, in which case you’ll be treated to my insomnia-induced rambles, which can get very scary. So, if I start mumbling, rambling incoherently here on my blog – just give me a nudge and let me know. When I’m in insomnia-mode . . I just don’t notice such things.

Exciting news for E.Webscapes – we’ve hired on the lovely and talented Leanne as our newest designer! She’s been working really hard at perfecting the technical aspect of designing and coding a blog site – – I mean, as an artist, the creative stuff comes so easy to her already.

I’m thrilled!

She’s thrilled!

Welcome, Leanne – we’re thrilled to have ya!

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