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Chris came home last night! In the past three months, he’s been travelling for business – – in either Atlanta, or LA, Mon-Fri and then home again on the weekends. This week, he came home on Wednesday and he’ll be home for 3 weeks this time! Wow – – what’s a girl to do with a man in the house?? (*panic*)

Although, there is a reason he is home early. Thus begins the wrap up of my intensive training in SQL and database conversions, administration, etc, etc. Anyone do this stuff? Find it as dry and boring as I do?? I’m doing it for two reasons – – one, he is paying my health and dental in full, with a nice salary package to boot. Two, it helps out his company – -they are growing by leaps and bounds and have more work than they can keep up with.

Their story is pretty amazing, really. He and Dan, his business partner, started their company about 6 years ago. They were both working out in LA for a tech. company in one of those thankless low paying jobs. . . you know the type? They were having lunch one day and were doing the usual bitching about work . . how the company would be lost with out them (cuz you know, they are tech gods, dontchaknow). . . and talked about how they could do this for themselves and make more money while working for themselves.

So, they did. A week later, they both resigned from the company they were working for – – made a contact with a telecom company in LA and signed their first 2 million dollar contract. They’ve been going strong ever since – and in the last year, or so, they’ve grown so much that they’ve had to finally break down and make the decision to hire employees. This is no small task, because both Chris and Dan are such control freaks that the prospect of hiring people and handing over the trust to do the work that both of them had been doing up until now was a huge issue for both of them. They over came it, though, and have hired themselves some really amazingly talented and quality people.

It’s interesting, because they don’t really have a ‘home base’. Dan and Chris both work from home – – unless they need to be on-site for a client (which they have been over the past 3 months, or so) – – and all of their employees work remotely, from home, as well. . . and are on-site when they need to be. So they have employees all over the U.S. – – Texas, California, Boston, Atlanta etc, etc… – – it’s an interesting set up.

I’m babbling. What I’m really doing is putting off this training that Chris is going to be putting me through over the next week. He already has the whiteboard set up in the living room upstairs and is preparing documents and setting up the laptops up there. He’s pretty serious about this training thing.

As for me? I got it bad… so so bad – – I’m hot for teacher!

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6 thoughts on “Crack That Whip”

  1. I love database stuff. Not so good at it as my wife is (they called her the SQL Goddess when she was getting her BS in Computer Science). And she’s a control freak too.

    Still, I’m getting trusted with stuff. I’m now allowed to set up and maintain my own databases. But, she doesn’t like it when I touch HER databases.

    But, since I’m learning ColdFusion scripting I have to learn how to interface with the database, as that’s what ColdFusion is all about!

    (Just make sure you spend more time working than, um, playing. ‘mkay?)

  2. Thanks for the connection to Bush’s comments in West Allis.

    Also, what does your Chris do? I run a non-profit in SE WI and just started an LLC that provides professional services and would like to talk to someone who has successfully ($2 mil contract=succes in my book) done a start-up in the area. Does he do casual coffee discussions? If so, please email privately and I will respond.

    Thanks again.

    Rob F.

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