Could You Eat a 6lb Burger?


As advertised on the pub’s web site, a 96er sells for $23.95 and includes the following fixings and condiments:

  • Two whole tomatoes
  • A half-head of lettuce
  • 12 slices of American cheese
  • A full cup of peppers
  • Two entire onions
  • A river of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard

Denny’s (not to be confused with the national chain restaurants of the same name) offers prizes for customers who can completely consume one of their big burgers within a designated time period: a T-shirt, certificate, and 50% discount for anyone who finishes a Challenger (2 lb. burger) within an hour; a T-shirt, certificate, and 100% discount for anyone who can polish off a Baby Boy (3 lb. burger) in 90 minutes or less; and something special for anyone who manages the unthinkable and puts away a whole 96er (6 lb. burger) in under three hours. (That “something special” has yet to be awarded, as no one has so far successfully accomplished the feat.)

What would they offer that special someone who actually finishes off the 6lb burger in under three hours?? A free cardiac cathertization??

found via Snopes.

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9 thoughts on “Could You Eat a 6lb Burger?”

  1. Calories, 11,818; fat, 760 grams; saturated fat, 274 grams; polyunsaturated fat, 143 grams; monounsaturated fat, 273 grams; carbs, 487 grams; fiber, 41 grams; and protein, 752 grams

    According to Schrodinger

  2. Actually, a 100 lb girl just did it. She didn’t eat for 2 days before the challenge and she finished it in 2 hours and 54 minutes 🙂

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