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I’ve been having the oddest copy and paste issue on my sites. Goldie brought it up in an earlier post of mine. Thanks to her comment, I’ve been motivated to find out just what the hell?!?

I figured it out. It was my style sheet and the way IE renders the tag: position:absolute. It didn’t like it. Mozilla likes it just fine – as do other browsers. But IE – – by nature of IE – – was being picky.

Anyways – – fixed it! Copy n’ Paste to your hearts content! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Copy N' Paste Issue”

  1. It’s not looking right for me. The left hand side of the posts are being lost in black strip…if I make it smaller – not maxed – then it looks right…

  2. thanks for taking the time to fix the copy & paste — It was very easy to get this weeks re:blogs questions and I didn’t have to type them out – – and it will make the trackback urls so easy to get – – again I won’t have to type them out – – how lazy am I? *heh*

  3. What resolution are you two using? Because at 1024×768 the left site of the posts line up perfectly with the black side bar?

  4. Lisa! thankyou! I have now successfully copied and tomorrow morning I will successfully paste my first re:blogs :). (ie, I am so tired right now that bed is highly tempting…)

  5. I checked out all 4 skins in Mozilla and IE (1024×768) and they all look fantabulous to me. And thanks because I’ve been having that copy/paste issue myself on my own webpage and TONS others and now I know why!

  6. Madfish Willie

    Excuse my stupidity here, but exactly how did you solve the problem? I have two sites that have the same problem. Thanks for your help.

  7. Madfish – it only happened in IE and I had the CSS for the content looking somehting like this:

    .blog {

    Well, the copy and paste started working once I removed the “position:absolute” and set the margin settings in px rather than % – so now it looks like this:

    .blog {

    Got rid of the position:absolute – and got rid of percentages as placers, and changed to pixels.

    For me, that did it. Hope that helps.

  8. Sorry for the delay. Same as Zygote…1280×1024 and Firefox.

    And it’s not happening today so either something got fixed or I was not paying real close attention yesterday. Either is entirely possible. 🙂

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