Comedy of Errors – Part I


The last 24 hours was quite a trip, let me tell you. I haven’t had a day like THIS one in years and years!

I worked an 8 hour day yesterday. No big deal. I was also scheduled to be on call last night. Again, no big deal. I came home from work and sat down to read my email. There was an email waiting for me from Pay Pal. I’ve been using PayPal for well over 5 years to conduct business for my graphic design services. I just recently began using it for my web hosting business. I loved it. It was convenient and secure. Never once had a problem with it.

Until yesterday. The email said this:

PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy prohibits the sale of items for mature audiences. After a review of your site/account, you have either received payments via PayPal, or have PayPal referenced on your site. Due to the violation of the Acceptable Use Policy your account will be closed and the remaining balance will be sent to you by check.

I talked to 5 different people at PayPal yesterday trying to find out what adult content they were referring to?!? None of them wanted to talk to me about it – – I mean, forget the fact that I had a running balance in there of more than a few hundred bucks. And forget the fact that I have clients who depend on a smooth running, no questions asked service that they don’t have to worry about because it’s automated to the hilt! I finally got one of them to tell me that the offending site is my design site at .

Damn! If that site is adult oriented – – then I am Santa Claus!

Anyways – after the initial angst and frustration – I set about finding a decent payment processing system. I found a phenomenal one that I was able to integrate into my hosting site. It is so slick…so easy….that I’m almost ready go write Pay Pal and say THANK YOU, ASSATS! Now it’s just a matter of doing the switchover for my clients and their payment processing – – which should be no big deal and relatively painless. I’ve sent them all an email explaining that we are switching – – if any of you are reading this, and haven’t gotten the email – – drop me a line at hosting AT blogs-about DOT com and I’ll explain in full.

It wasn’t until all of this happened that I ventured upon this site about the gazillon’s of problems users have had with PayPal. I had no idea! I mean – I heard about some people getting their accounts closed for supposed “TOS violations” – but never thought it would happen to me. I had the “Itwonthappentome” mindset that I’ll never ever have again about anything.

It’s worth noting that PayPal is close partners with eBay – – did you know that you can purchase TONS of adult and ‘mature themed’ items on eBay….WITH YOUR PAY PAL ACCOUNT?

Oh – and once they close your account…it takes 180 days for them to ‘unfreeze’ your assets. Meaning – they keep your money for 6 months. You can bet they haven’t heard the last from me!


But! That didn’t end my day….oh no! This comedy of errors continued well through until the weeeeeeeee hours of the morning. The PayPal fiasco portion of my day was done….the worst was yet to come……(more later)

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13 thoughts on “Comedy of Errors – Part I”

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  2. Well, if they’re getting really damn picky it could be the skin of the chick with lingerie on and didn’t you used to have a ‘spank site’ in your portfolio? Either way its freaking retarded and I hate paypal and I’ll also find someone else to use.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. (I posted this at Wizbang!, too.)

    I just sent an e-mail to the consumer reporter at KTVU. The station covers the San Jose area.

    I encourage others to do the same:

    Send a message to Tom Vacar.

    They also have a phone number and snail mail:

    Tom Vacar
    c/o KTVU/
    P.O. Box 22222
    Oakland, CA 94623
    Phone: (510) 834-1212

    I think if enough people complain to the media, someone will be giving PayPal a call. (BTW: PayPal has actually been owned by eBay since 2002.)

  4. You should consider filing a complaint with BBB and other agencies. Clearly there is a double standard and it has caused you financial and emotional damage. Good luck though.

  5. I guess PayPal which is owned by eBay which allows auctions of adult content are now in the powerful position of deciding what is art and what is not. Good thing many of the master artists of some great nudes aren’t around including Michelangelo. PayPal would have to pull all of their accounts too if they consider any bit of nudity or physical beauty created in an artful manner to be adult content.

    They suck.

  6. OK, that didn’t work the way I thought it would. It’s the “checkers” one with the girl in the see-through dress on it. That’s probably what caused problems.

    Again, I’ll bet we’re exposed to worse on T.V. all the time.

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