I'm going dark

No, I’m not going underground and hiding out – – my design is going dark! I’ve been SO white and pink for way too long and I’m feeling a dark period coming on. I’ve been working on my new redesign for several weeks, in between client projects – – adding to it, taking away from it – – throwing it all out the window and staring over. No big spectacular plans for anything mindblowing. My goal here is this: simplify with style. I hope you’ll like it – – for that matter, I hope I like it! My time for […]

Post-Turkey Day Success

The deep fried turkey was a raving success at Thanksgiving dinner. To all those who emailed with luck and good wishes, I’m happy to report that we did not burn the house down! The turkey was completely contained within the frier the entire time..yay us! We actually fried the turkey outside, so I didn’t even have a chance to obsess over the potential of fires, and the like. I wish I would have gotten a picture – – Chris rigged up this pulley system with rope and eyehooks in order to lower the turkey into the boiling oil. It was […]

Color Inspiration

I love color – and love any application and resource that helps me in the area of color. Being colorblind has it’s challenges, you know. I found a great resource called ColourLovers and have become addicted to creating color palettes over there. Proof?… Those are four palettes that I created yesterday. As I sit and try and determine what my obsession and addiction about color means – – is there a deeper reason…I created a few palettes and decided to stop myself before I took over their whole site. I love finding new color resources. Have any to share?? Do […]

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