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I love color – and love any application and resource that helps me in the area of color. Being colorblind has it’s challenges, you know. I found a great resource called ColourLovers and have become addicted to creating color palettes over there. Proof?…


Diva Dreaming
Candy Addict

Those are four palettes that I created yesterday. As I sit and try and determine what my obsession and addiction about color means – – is there a deeper reason…I created a few palettes and decided to stop myself before I took over their whole site. I love finding new color resources.

Have any to share?? Do you use any particular color resources… or do you just wing it? Where do you get your inspiration?

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13 thoughts on “Color Inspiration”

  1. I guess its rather difficult for non-designer to see the bigger picture with only a few stripes of color… But they are pleasant to the eye, to say the least

  2. Interesting to hear it from your perspective. You see a few stripes of color.. I look at those stripes and see a full creation with each color and varying shade worked into it.

    The “Brightness” palette in my post is a palette created with the main colors from my own blog design.

    Colors..accents…shades..shadows…it’s all there in those stripes 🙂

  3. Lisa – I don’t know what I like better – the color palettes themselves or the names you gave them – cute! I have been a long time user of Color Schemer’s design gallery for inspiration. I’ll go check out Colour Lovers too.

  4. Diva Dreaming is so *you* :d

    I just see color palettes in my head. I do use that color cop though for the hex once I’ve nailed the color I want. 😡

  5. Nice pallettes! I’ve been using CL for a couple of years now, but my loyalty has been seriously tested with the availability of Kuler. I just wish it wasn’t all done in Flash! 😉

  6. Paul, Kuler is a great tool – I use that as well. I’ve also used Color Schemer that Char mentioned. I like Colour Lovers because I can nab schemes from a photo, screenshot or any graphic image within seconds – helpful when a client gives me a photo or illustration to work with.. I can create a coordinating scheme for it in no time.

    GREAT tool for colorblind designers :-b

  7. My entire house is inspired colors, it’s amazing!

    You wouldn’t BELIEVE it! So exciting.

    It’s all white.

    That’s right.

  8. I have to agree with Paul about Kuler (both the fact that I find it hard to go past and the fact that I hate it being done with flash). But ColorLovers looks like it might be worth a strong look at, especially seeing that I use photos and artwork as inspiration. There is a way that nature and the master artists capture colour that is hard to go past.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this tool Lisa.

  9. very nice colour palettes, Lisa. How do you create them? Do you just mix some colours and see which ones look good with each other? Or do you actually pick them from the complete designs (of sites or design projects)?

    I’ve listed my 8 bits of colour inspirations awhile ago on my blog and colourlovers where one of them.

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