Coffee Lovers Rejoice!


So I went shopping tonight. Had to pick up some milk, bread, munchies – you know, life essentials. I wandered over to the liquor department because I ran out of Absolut (hic).

Starbucks Liquro To my coffee loving delight – I found a bottle of Starbuck’s Coffee Liquor!! Imagine my total delight???

I picked up my bottle of Absolut . . oh, ok – and a bottle of Absolut Vanilla, too. (hic)

I came home and made a cocktail called “Vodka Americano” – it’s like a Cosmopolitan, except without the sweet frou frou – – and more like a nice coffee bite!

It’s 2 parts Absolut Vanilla Vodka, 1 part Starbucks coffee liquor – – shake with ice and pour in a Martini glass.

I’m in heaven. Oh, I won’t give up my Cosmos or Green Appletini’s – – but this one has me completely enamoured!

I’m awful – – I figured since we were in the liquor department, I may as well stock up, right? Of course. So, among the other life essentials, we sidled up to the check out with one huge bottle of Absolut Vodka, 1 huge bottle of Absolut Vanilla Vodka, 1 bottle of Starbucks coffee liquor, 1 jug of Bailey’s (a jug!), a bottle of Spicy Bloody Mary Mix and two bottles of Rose’s Green Appletini mix.

As we walk up to the counter, in a real loud voice Chris says, “This should be enough to last you a week – I can’t believe you drink that much!” The 17 year old behind the counter gave us that deer-caught-in-headlights look and called for his manager to check the alcohol out, because he is underage.

But! He carded me! 😀

Apparently, some guy in Colorado is having moral issues with Starbucks selling a brand of coffee liquor. Since Starbucks is associated with youths – – he says it’s akin to McDonald’s putting a beer stand up in front of their establishment.

People are so anal, I swear. There are some folk in this country who will turn absolutely every damn thing into a moral issue, ya know? Starbucks sells coffee liquor. Starbuck’s coffee shops cater to youth. Guess what? The youth can’t buy the liquor, ya know? Plus, Starbucks isn’t selling this stuff in their stores – but rather in liquor stores and to restraunts to make cocktails with.

Besides, kids are gonna get ahold of liquor whether it’s Starbucks or not. And at $25.00 per bottle – this Colorado guy’s time would be better spent having moral issues with Boone’s Farm.

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24 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers Rejoice!”

  1. Oooh. Starbucks. Makes liqueur. *swoon*

    I SO need to try your recipe, too. Thanks for the tip, Lisa! Gotta run; I have a trip to the liquor store to make. Heh.

    (I agree about the moral thingie, too. Pu-LEEZE! :roll:)

  2. First, Chris sounds like my hubby!:lol::lol: That is classic!
    Had you not told me I never would have known they branched into Liquor. But now that I know, guess what? Could careless! I’m with you. But I will take it a step farther. I don’t associate Starbucks with youth. I associate it with adults that drink coffee. And after imbibing all the caffine, the adult needs some booze to come down from the high!:mrgreen:
    People just want to creat issues! Leave my Starbucks alone!:!:

  3. Starbucks has been into alcohol for a few years. Redhook’s Double Black Stout (I think it has a special name, but I can’t think of what it is right now) is made with Starbucks. At least it used to be, but it’s been several years since I picked some up. You have to keep an eye out for it because I think it’s only around for a couple months a year (the main reason I haven’t picked any up in a while).

  4. Truth be told, Micky-Dees in Europe has sold beer for ages. It’s not a big deal over there. There are dozens of bigger fish to fry than this one. The individual in CO needs to pick his battles a bit more wisely.

  5. I noticed it, too. Actually, I picked up a bottle and pondered what I would use it for, then decided on Baileys to go in my Starbucks coffee instead. 🙂

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  7. :razz:I found this martini in an Outback restaurant earlier this week and it’s outstanding!!! AND, they served it with a whipped cream topper! Need I say more? Headed straight to my favorite liquor store and bought the ingredients!!:razz::twisted:

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