Coffee at Midnight?


Oh yes. Absolutely!

Especially when you have one of these beautiful machines in your kitchen! Earlier today, I ran all the pieces and parts through the dishwasher and descaled the machine with vinegar – – cleaned it all out, and didn’t think it possible to have a better cup of coffee than I had this morning. What a difference a little cleaning makes!

Why am I drinking coffee at midnight?

Chris is flying out in the morning for a three day trip to Dallas. His flight leaves at 6:30 am — and being the nice, supportive, loving girl that I am, I offered to drive him to the airport. (no, really – it’s not about wanting the Yukon all to my self all week! No. Really.)

So, I’m staying up all night so that he can sleep and I can wake him up at 4am. I know, it’s damned sweet of me, isn’t it? Now – – what to do for the next 4 hours while everyone else is asleep?

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7 thoughts on “Coffee at Midnight?”

  1. Tried to post a comment by you – but it wouldn’t let me 🙁 Here’s the comment I left for you:

    Mrs. Margi Lowry – – that is one helluva post, girl! Any man would be proud – – as he surely must be. Hell, I’M proud of you and I only know you through blogs! To love like that, well, it’s rare and it’s beautiful and there is NO explaining it, except to just live it. Good for you!


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