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We had a fabulous time, Melissa and I. We ate at Applebee’s and it wasn’t so bad – – well, except that the rice pilaf totally lacked any flavor whatsoever. But their dessert was good – I had the Apple Chimicheesecake – – I’d go back for that again, I think. It was yum.

We shared conversation over dinner that you can only share with a 13 year old. Giggly girl talk. She is something else – – and it’s times like these when I have time alone with her and listen to her talk that I really am proud of the young woman that she has become. Smart. Funny. Interesting.

Her idol is the singer from GreenDay and she claims she would do anything to be able to meet him. We then started to define ‘anything’ – and she started drawing lines. Like – she would put her arm in a vat of raw seweage – all the way up to her shoulder. But she wouldn’t put her head in it. Good to know she has limits.

Don’t ask – it was the grossest dinner conversation I’ve had since I worked in the hospital and ate in the cafeteria with the other nurses and doctors.

Coach Carter We then went to see Coach Carter. I wasn’t sure I’d like it since all I knew was that it was a movie about basketball. It. Was. Excellent. I want to see it again. I cried three different times during that movie. Melissa and I, afterward, determined that it was a ‘three-hanky’ flick. I want to talk about the movie and how awesome it was and what parts made me cry and why – – but I don’t want to be a spoiler, dammit. So, I’ll just say this: Melissa and I recommend the movie highly!

It was a great night. So much so that her and I decided to do this monthly. I can’t wait until the next one. She told me she wants to go bowling next time. 😀

Note: I have to force myself to type “Melissa”. It’s the name I gave her at birth – – but I’ve been calling her “Missy” since the day she was born. She’s always been “Missy” to me – always will be. But now that she’s 13, she’s feels that “Missy” doesn’t have the credibility that “Melissa” does . . so I’m trying to respect that. It’s hard.

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  1. How cool is that. I think it really says something about you as a parent that she did that, you accepted, you giggled over dinner, and cried at the movies with her. That really gives me hope for my 8-going-on-20-year-old, so thank you for sharing that story!

    That movie sounds awesome! Anything with SLJ is great in my opinion, he’s one of those actors who accepts the deep meaningful roles in films. Of course the crying, for girls, is just a bonus. It must be good.

    I hear you on the name issue, Melissa does sound proper for a 13 year old and it sounds like she’s mature beyond her years. It’s hard to think of your kids growing up like that. Is there an expected time frame for the whole transition into adulthood – for the parents?!

  2. I think the fact that she asked you for the date speaks volumes for you as a parent. Not too many parents with teenagers can say that there kid asks to hang out on friday night with them. I think it’s wonderful! I am glad you had fun. 🙂

  3. My husband and I have a date night coming up-maybe we will take your recommendation and go see this one..and I will make sure to bring three hankies. And despite the fact that the Apple Chimicheesecake sounds yummy, I think we will pass on Applebees and go for the sushi! I’ll get sno caps at the flick! Glad you had fun!!

  4. Thanks, you guys – – you’re making me tear up here 🙂

    Melissa is something else .. she’s a deep feeler, that one. She’s the type who will always work to hold a family together. For a thirteen year old, she’s different that way. Remembers the birthdays of every family member . . even ones we barely hear fraom. Makes aure to call her grandparents every so often just to give them an update on her busy little life, because she knows they care. She initiates a lot of family involvement and is just a breath of fresh air to me in her teenage years.

    Gosh how I miss those cute, toddler, pig-tail days too, though. You have a point, Leanne – someone should warn us when that transition happens. When they’re not little girls anymore – – but young women on their way to adulthood. It’s heartbreaking but excellent all at the same time.

    ack – I need a hanky!

  5. Aw…she sounds like she has a big heart. And for the toddler days, why don’t you come over when my two year old (in cute pigtails) is screaming NOOOOO! and does the ultimate kid defense..makes her body go completely limp and flops around on the floor when she does not get her way?? Oh come on…it’s so much fun!! 😯
    I know I will miss it someday…:smile:

  6. I assure you that you will miss it someday. 🙂

    Melissa was a colic baby. There was NO soothing her during that first year of her life. She cried and screamed so much and I was helpless at knowing what she needed/wanted. It was colic. She eventually grew out of it.

    I remember nights pulling my hair out – going insane, crying right along with her.

    But I’ll tell ya – – I’d give a whole lot just to have just ONE of those nights back again 😀

  7. Colic is the worst!!! My heart goes out to you for an entire YEAR of it. And you look surprisingly sane in your profile picture. Ha!
    All of my kids have their ~moments~, but the sweet ones outweigh the not-so-sweet ones. There are pics of them in my sidebar if you want to take a look. 😀

  8. That’s fantastic, Lisa! It speaks very well about both Melissa as a person and you as a parent. 🙂

    I hope that astromite and I are as close when he gets older and that we get to do things like that too. For eight months old he’s a heck of a charmer. No cholic, but there are definitely times when he only wants his Mom. Thanks again for the smiles and hope for the future.

    Oh uh, I fear I might be getting too sappy and emotional there. Better make up for that and ask if she gave you any tongue at the end of the date????? 😈

  9. My daughter once told me that she was never going to drink, smoke or have sex…. ROFLMFAO!……….

    Hey not to sound negative, and not saying that Melissa will follow in my daughters footsteps, but never let your guard down. I never believed her innocent promises, but it was still quite a shock when we found out.

    As with all ages, enjoy them while you can.. gotta dash, my youngest wants a “coppa oooce”

  10. PS thanks for the heads up on Coach carter, didn’t think I would like it and now I know I wont! in return please allow me to warn you off any possibility that you might go see “Alone in the Dark” DON”T GO!

  11. Samuel L. Jackson can be okay, but Coach Carter looked like one of those movies I’ve already seen a few times already. If only there were more movies like Hero:mrgreen:

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