Cilantro I had mentioned last month that I had a very smelly Christmas. Having recieved quite a lot of smelly stuff from Chris and the kids – – candles, incense, potpouri and assorted lotions n’ stuff. I heart smelly things! Well, as long as they smell GOOD!

One of the items I recieved was this thing called a Reed Diffuser. It’s interesting – you insert these reeds into a bottle of liquid and it smells up the whole room really nice. I actually got three of them, in three different fragrances. One fragrance is Citrus Cilantro. Hmm.. interesting. Cilantro? I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it – but I do tend to enjoy spicey type frangrances over fruity types . . so I thought I would give it a shot.

I set the diffuser up in my office – – up on my bookshelf. Then I set about getting some serious work done this weekend. I’m just sitting here working, listening to my music, minding my own business – – and I start to notice this scent. This incredible, amazing, lucious sent wafting about! I realize that it’s the Citrus Cilantro reed diffuser! OMG it’s amazing! A totally fresh, crisp, spicey scent . . . which totally solved the question of whether or not I’d dig the Citrus Cilantro stuff.

I totally dig it!

Back to work now . . /deep inhale!

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  1. Oh my yes I just swear by these wonderful diffusers. They are so much safer than lighting up a candle! They even last longer and smell stronger, in a good way that is, than any candle I have ever had. I have yet to try the citrus cilantro but I will surely try it asap!

  2. It’s interesting how just a couple of years later we are hearing about the health dangers of burning incense and scented candles. I wonder if some scientist will come out saying it is OK after all..followed by another scientist who says it is bad! LOL

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