The kids left on Thursday for their annual camping trip with Grandma and Grandpa.


Love those kids – – love both of them like crazy! However, I do look forward to their annual camping trip probably more than they do. I’m not ashamed to say it and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit! They won’t be back until Friday the 27th.

C. and I have been taking advantage of the quiet time by trying to get some things done with the house – – in between hot, wild and kinky sex, of course.

We went to Menards yesterday and bought shelving for the gazillion books we have in boxes in the garage. Both he and I are bookworms – – so to combine my book collection with his requires A LOT of shelving space interspersed throughout the house.

We got these really cool looking scrolly type brackets and bought 6″ shelves from the lumber area. I just got done staining the shelves – – as he is measuring out the space on the wall where we are going to hang them. He’s got his measuring tape and leveler – – I’ve got my stain and staining brush.

We’re almost done with it. We’re hanging three shelves on either side of the bed. I think six 5 foot long shelves should carry a fair amount of books, don’t you? I’m hoping so.

We’ve been living at Menards ever since we moved in. If the stock price of Menards has gone up in the last week, it’s because we’re definately doing our part in keeping them in business.

And did you know there are several types of water? We bought a water cooler for the house that dispenses hot and cold water. I’m currently looking into a decent water delivery service and am kind of amazed at the different types of water available.

Mountain Spring.

Now I have to choose. Who knew? I think I’ll go with fluoridated – – it’ll make my dentist happy.

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3 thoughts on “Child-less”

  1. I’m a spring girl, myself.

    “What do pesticides, fertilizers, air pollution, prozac, nerve gas, toothpaste, politics, and tap water have in common?” Fluoride. Here’s the concern about fluoride:

    And another.

    Just a little bit of background info. I don’t think a little bit will hurt you (like in toothpaste and a gallon of water), but going overboard is definitely not a good idea.

  2. Wow – thanks for posting that for me.

    Just in case – – I switched to spring – – not sure any of it is valid, but damn that article gives a good argument against.

    I’ll keep the fluoride in my toothpaste and drink spring water 🙂

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