Chicks (Heart) Dick


Between the comments and emails – I figured I’d put the t-shirts up for sale! Go ahead, grab one – you know you wanna!!

The Chicks (Heart) Dick Apparel Store is open!

Have fun! Oh, and if you buy – – I want to see your picture in your apparel on your blog (if you have one)! 🙂

I do have another Cafe Press shop here that sells “Proud member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” and “W in ’04” merchandise!

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26 thoughts on “Chicks (Heart) Dick”

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  2. Well, I just bought me a pair of undies. See, rather than take Mikey’s, I prefer to buy my own. Sorry, I won’t be providing a picture, though. 🙂

  3. Stix – when I get mine – I’ll definately post a picture 😉

    ‘Cept I’m getting the spaghetti strap T – not the panties 😉

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  6. Pardon the innuendo, but the subject was opened up already!

    The counterpart to this shirt for the men would be:

    Gentlemen Want More Bush!

    A million dollar idea, offered for free. 😉

    Eric 👿

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  10. You could also expand the Bush idea with “Elder Bush or Younger Bush– It’s all Good!”

    Whereas with the other side of the ticket you get–
    “Chicks love a John!” which I suppose would pull in the hooker vote, but not much else.

    A marketing masterstroke… well, forget about that “masterstroke” thing. I’ll stop before I get in real trouble!:lol:

  11. Hmm… finally there’s “Guys love a John!” which I think pulls in the gay vote and possibly a plumber or two…

    Anyway you slice it, when it comes to slogans– Bush in a landslide.:wink:

  12. Oh my gosh! That “Gentlemen Want More Bush” is so funny! I would definitely buy one for my guy … ha! so True, too.

    Has there ever been a more innuendo-ish pair running for office, I wonder?

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  14. Fritz and tits – ha!

    Miguel, you little slogan generator, you! More million dollar ideas there lol

    Jeannete – they certainly do provide enough fodder for those of us with little devils on our shoulders lol

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  16. Nah, it has to be “Guys love Bush” because then it matches the “Chicks love Dick” shirt. They have to be the same level of rudeness, and “Gentlemen want more Bush” just isn’t the same. :mrgreen:

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