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Camilla For personal reasons, this wedding day thrilled me to pieces. See, I’m just a romantic at heart, really. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? I am. I go for all that mushy love stuff. Every. Single. Time.

I’ve been rooting for Charles and Camilla for quite a few years. Even as unpopular as she is. Why?


After 30 some-odd years, they finally find their way back to one another – despite all of the scandal, ugliness and loveless relationships that they’ve both been through. I’m not really condoning how they got from that point to this one. Not really. I think they probably could have gone about it much better than they did.

I mean, really – the world could have done without knowing that Charles wanted to come back in his next life as Camillas Tampax. That’s . . .well, just too much information, ya know?

And nothing against Diana. I really liked her, a lot. I think she got a bum deal all the way around.

Arranged marriages are just like that, though. It’s a crap shoot.

And face it, Camilla is no Diana.

But, for the sake of pure love, I’m happy for Charles and Camilla.

Politics, scandals and morals aside, for the moment – everyone should have the chance to spend the rest of their lives with the one person they love. The one person that completes them. If this happens to be the case for Charles and Camilla – – and my romantic imagination tends to think it is – – then, for that one fact, I am thrilled for them.

Now if only Britain can find some real use for the royal family, aside from tabloid fodder. Tax dollars can be better spent on other things, no? Oh, yes – I know – – the royal family does much humanitarian work throughout the world. They are a source of income for the country in terms of tourism.

What’s the quote I heard on the TV this weekend?…..

The royals have inbred themselves just shy of total insanity

The Royals have inbred themselves within 1 chromosone of insanity

(thanks for the correction, pam!)

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24 thoughts on “Charles & Camilla”

  1. “The Royals have inbred themselves within 1 chromosone of insanity” I love that line:lol::lol: My sister and I have laughed over that.
    As for the wedding; More power to them. It says a lot to have been together for 35 years and still want to tie the knot. If I am to believe the tabloids, it was him pushing for marriage.
    For me, in a world filled with so much negativity, it is nice to see something magical.

  2. Cangrats to the happy couple, I too am extremely please for them. They should have done that many many moons ago. Being a royal has got to be one of the toughest gigs, constant invaisive media attention from cradle to the grave, every comment analyised, every mistake cronicled, with no recourse, no outlet of your own. Charles more than anyone has had it about the worse, added presure as “the Heir”, the guy is painfully shy and awkward, and yet he is shown no mercy, Talking to flowers, monsterous carbunkle, Squidgy, Bloody people, honestly if I were in his place they would have so much more material to work with. Finally Charles seems to have found his backbone and is starting to asert himself, it would not suprize me that we have a Queen Camilla one day dispite what they say right now. and more power to them.

    The Royals do provide a real economic service to the nation beyond tourism, which shouldn’t be discounted (I live in state where virtually everything is paid for by tourists. But the Royals, the Queen in particular always travel with industry leaders and users her pull to introduce those leaders to their foreign counterparts, and Government officials in very favorable circumstances, that alone more than pays for her upkeep which while it may sound a lot to you and I is really a drop in ght ocean in the budget of a country of 60M 1st world souls.

    Rule Britania, God save the Queen!

  3. Kind comments on Charles and Camilla…it’s time to let them have a go at being together. As to the royals – or at least the Monarch, she and her heirs are critical to the system that exists. As dysfnctional as they are, God save us from a republic run by today’s politicians

  4. Dysfunctional, hopelessly out of touch (although that’s not suprising I suppose), inbred within 1 chromosone of insanity (I like that!) – but it was nice to see Charles marry someone for the right reason this time.
    I’m not sure if I agree with RedFred’s points or not. At least the Royals don’t have any real “power” anymore.

  5. Agreed! When I was watching the news this weekend about the whole “tampon comment,” my friend looked at me and asked what the royal family did exactly. My response was, “well, I’ve heard the Queen usually tells jokes at Parliament gatherings, and her impressions are a hoot! Her impression of a stodgy old women is the best!”

    Ha ha!

  6. Actually RedFred, I undersand your point of view, I’m just not sure if I agree with it … do the pros outweigh the cons …?

  7. I heard it stated on the news that the more and more ‘common’ the royal family becomes – – the less and less the British public has a real need for them.

    Is that the case? Do the British really have a need in their lives for the majesty and mystique that the royals can bring into their ‘common’ lives?

    What gives?

  8. Majesty and mystique … tradition, granduer, history – plenty of reasons why people, especially the media, have an interest in the royals. Although there are plenty of anthem-singing flag wavers around, I don’t think many Brits “look up to” the royals in the manner most non-Brits think we do. The “common” people are just the normal people, the royals are seen by many as freaks.

    “Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm not really condoning how they got from that point to this one” – well, life isn’t straightforward and in black and white I suppose, and it would probably be seriously dull if it was.

  9. I read your comments, Tim – and in my head I hear them in a British accent. It’s quite amusing, really. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Life isn’t that straightforward, I agree. We couldn’t be amused by the royals if it were.


  10. Lisa – is that a “jolly good old bean” accent or a “cor blimey gov” accent …
    (I don’t actually sound like either BTW!)

  11. It’s definately a ‘jolly good old bean’ accent – – but if you have a preference, I could work on changing it to the ‘cor blimey gov’ one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Like, bleedin’ ‘ell guvnor, us commoners don’t all talk like wot you fink y’know …
    I live on the south coast, but I haven’t got a strong accent of any sort really, very slight Dorset, farmery twang if that means anything to you.
    You live with a Brit – how does he speak?

  13. Chris is an odd sort. Born in the UK – lived there until age 6. Moved to the US – – age 6-14 in New York City. Moved back to the UK – attended boarding school from ages 14-18 – and remained living there until age 24. Moved back to NYC. Moved out to LA 4 years later and now lives in Wisconsin.

    His accent isn’t heavily British…just a touch of it. He sounds like a New Yorker trying hard to be a Brit. lol

  14. Tim, I have relatives in Devon and Corwall, they don’t think they have an accent either… But they got a brand new combin’ ‘arvesta…..Ooh Arh!

  15. I’m not really a country bumpkin, just the odd word here and there (“five” sometimes comes out a bit like “foive” for example).
    But back to the royals, is there anyone else in the world that sounds like Charles? His accent is, well, bizzare.

  16. :razz:I agree totally with the write-up on Charles and Camilla and many other posts:hurray to Chuck and Cam for finally getting married! They’ve got a lot in common and are good for each other.The fact that Camilla isn’t a fairy-tale material the way Diana was,doesn’t mean she’s less suitable as Charles’ wife.She has other, i,more important qualities:she’s maternal,supportive,down-to-earth and shares many of his interests.Like any other human being,he deserves happiness,too—if he wasn’t happy in his arranged marriage,he had the right to bail out! The reason there was a lot of venom directed at him for divorcing Diana was because she was so damn good-looking and charismatic,whereas he was “square” and unappealing with his many “eccentric” interests.Everybody expected a boring “loser” like him to be madly in love with his gorgeous wife.Well,I don’t happen to agree that looks alone,however great,entitle a person to undying love and adoration.There are other,deeper qualities that are just as important!

  17. :lol:I totally agree with the write-up and most other posts:hurray for Charles and Camilla for finally tying the knot!They love each other and are good for each other.Although Camilla certainly lacks Diana’s titillating star qualities,she has other,deeper traits:she’s maternal,supportive,earthy and shares a lot of Charles’ interests—very important for a good marriage! The fact that Diana was gorgeous doesn’t mean that he was obligated to stay with her! Diana was the wrong woman for him;their arranged marriage was a sham,contracted to make the monarchy more exciting for the populace.Part of the reason the public directed so much venom at Charles was because his leaving the beauteous,glamorous Diana for a “horse” Camilla deprived the shallow public of fairy–tale entertainment and escapism.But he is human after all,and just like everyone else deserves happiness.As a matter of fact,he looks a lot happier with Cam than Di:there’s a glow about him and genuine pleasure in her company.With Diana he was courtly and gracious,which is actually to his credit,considering he wasn’t in love with her.Also,I loved their(C&C) wedding–it was solemn and moving,the performance of Russian religious music being an unusual and graceful part of the ceremony.I also loved Camilla’s choice of wedding clothes–very stylish and appropriate!

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