Chair Boogie


Wanna join me in a little chair boogie?

Low Rider from War – – This is my current jam that’s wiggling my booty today!

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7 thoughts on “Chair Boogie”

  1. I’m dating myself really badly, but I went to see WAR with the Tower of Power Horns at age 13 for my very first ever concert. I went with my mother and her boyfriend. It was cool. Until someone tried to pass me a party joint. I thought my mom was going to freak right smooth out.

    This was also the very first CD I ever played on my brand new CD player (it was a few years ago).

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Not dating yourself at all Margi – – well, at least I don’t think so. Hey – maybe we’re dating each other?? :: coochie coo ::

    Love LOVED the Tower of Power Horns!

    This song gets me wiggling every single time 🙂

  3. 1st CD: John Cougar: American Fool

    1st concert:

    …never been to one

    . But I did see Kris Kristopherson sing the national anthem last night at the Cowboys game. No one offered me any joints.

  4. First Record (dating myself!): James Bond’s Theme tunes…. lol I was 8, James Bond was King!

    First concert: Guns N Roses, Faster Pussycat and the Quireboys. Got scalped tickets outside the gig 3rd row from the front, bootleged it with a tape recorder, blew me away, never looked back and went to concerts like they were going out of fashion.

    Last Concert : Korn, Disturbed and some other dudes, pretty good, but felt my age and lack of long hair.

    Best concert : Iron Maiden, Kiss, Megadeth, Anthrax, David Lee Roth and some others, Donington, UK 1988.

    I plead the 5th on the whole drug thing 😯

    Probably way too much info but what the heck.


    My kids used to laugh and laugh when I’d play the intro to Babylon: pppp pppp pppp puusssycaaat!

  6. I’d never even heard of Faster Pussycat that first time (GNR either, it was before they broke it big!) They played a killer set, including Babylon when they all changed instruments… I bought the album on the way to work the next day (and apitite for distruction the following pay day, and the Quireboy’s single for that matter). after that I was hooked on concerts, I saw so many bands I lost count, only ever saw Pussycat once more but you always remember your first!

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