Caught – Yellow-Handed!


We’re so good to the bird visitors in our yard. We have a nice little habitat back there – something for everyone. We give them suet, millet, sunflower seeds (striped and black oil), fruit, nuts – – a bird bath with a nice mister for them to wash and play in —
We have hummingbird feeders, oriole feeders and thistle finch feeders. We even put out special ‘bunting’ for them to tear apart to make their nests out of.

Today – I have an ungrateful finch. Here’s the culprit:

The Culrit

Looks innocent enough, doesn’t he?

He flew up and perched atop the basketball hoop:

Goldfinch on Basket Ball Hoop

Still…looking very innocent.

But he’s a goldfinch with an agenda – and RIGHT before he fulfilled his agenda.. I SWEAR he looked right at me and laughed!…


Then.. as if I am not generous ENOUGH – – here’s the money shot:


The little THIEF is ripping apart our basketball hoop to make his nest out of!

This neighborhood, I swear – – it’s gone to the birds!

8 thoughts on “Caught – Yellow-Handed!”

  1. Hi,
    I am happy to see such a cute culprit.
    But today I have so many difficult words in your writing,

    I hope everything goes well with you also this week.

  2. haha really cute/funny/wicked lil birdyyy .. ye well the net is not soo imp for the hoop its not like hes takin d ring lol. *sigh* s/he makes her/his living outof u :”>

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