I decided this site needed a little bit of color, after long last.

Finally got my computer system up and running. Man, I must’ve done quite a number on the machine. At first, it wouldn’t reboot at all. We determined that it was the motherboard. So – I bought a new Gigabyte KT400 motherboard and installed it.

It worked!

Turned the machine on – – fans started running, hard drives started spinng – everything seemed to be on it’s way.

Until….I began the Windows 2000 install. It got about 13% of the way through the install and started giving me fatal errors and then pooped out with a lovely blue screen.

We tested the memory – – it tested out just peachy.

Thought it might have been the hard drive – – so I bought a new 80G hard drive. Started the install – – and it took at shit at 13% again.

Decided at that point that it was the processor. So I went and bought a new Athelon AMD XP2600 processor and WALA! It worked perfectly – – 2 1/2 weeks later.


So I killed the motherboard and the processor somehow.

But all is well and good now – – not to mention I gave myself an upgrade in my system in the meantime. A clean install and 80G of storage over an above the 300G I had already. I guess that’s a price I’m willing to pay *grin*

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