Burning down the house


I’d love to say it wasn’t my fault. That my (sometimes) deeply rooted blonde hairs didn’t play a part in this. I wish I could foist the blame off onto someone else. That I could stand in front of those who love and care for me and point my finger at them and say “I did not start a fire with that carpet.”


I can’t say it – because it wouldnt’ be true.

I started a fire in the fireplace early last night. Before I did that – I shovelled out some of the old ash that was left in the bottom of the pit. I put those ashes in a plastic (duh) container – with the intention of taking them out to the garbage a little later.

A little later became a few hours – after getting some work done on the new web site for our new business venture. Around 11:30 pm last night, Chris and I decided to go to bed. We turned out all the lights and snuggled in.

What I can say is that “I absolutely did have oral sex with that man”, because right in the middle of giving one of the most beautiful blow jobs of my life – I happened to open my eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the brightest orange glow coming from the other side of the room.

I lifted my head to look – and he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it back down (selfish guy that he is). Seeing as how it’s kinda hard to talk with your … umm.. mouth full – – I sat up quickly, pointed and said “FIRE!!”

It seems the ash I had put in the container wasn’t completely ‘out’, from the night before. It smoldered and worked it’s way into a little bunch of dancing flames that was quickly eating away at the carpeting.

Thank goodness Chris had just purchased three fire extinguishers for the house – because one was put to good use last night. Luckily, nothing (and no one) important was damaged or ruined…just about a 2 foot x 3 foot area of the carpeting in front of the fireplace that is, luckily, easily covered with a hearth rug – for the time being.

Duh. Double, triple duh! I felt like an idiot – – and this was confirmed by Chris. But he didn’t get mad and stomp around — he quickly put out the fire and looked at me and said “Well, ya live and ya learn…now…about that blow job…”

Men. *rolling eyes*

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  2. What do you mean you don’t wanna blog about your sex life? This story was funny and it shows playful. Damn, who need erotica, this story was better! I think you should blog about your sex life for your open minded readers. I won’t judge.

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