I know this picture doesn’t do it justice – – but it’s getting cold around here! I tried to capture the frost on the trees – – but by the time I ran downstairs to grab my camera, realize the batteries were dead, replace the batteries… run back upstairs only to see that I left the memory card in the card reader – – ran back downstairs, grabbed the memory card – – put it back in the camera, ran back upstairs – – out the back doors and onto the deck . . . well, the frost was gone – – but the fog and haze remained:

click for larger image

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5 thoughts on “Brr!!”

  1. It looks like paradise…I live in Colorado Springs and it’s certainly beautiful here but I’m surrounded by track homes and none of that exquisite natural beauty. I’m jealous. 🙂

  2. That is a corn field behind the house, yep. 🙂

    Donna – Colorado Springs is beautiful country. My brother used to live out there and he had Pike’s Peak right out side his bay window – just breathtaking.

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