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My favorite player of all time is tossing around retirement ideas. During a very brief news conference today – – and I do mean brief — Brett Farve said the following in regards to his potential retirement from football: ““I think the Packers have to go in a certain direction at some point,” he added. “I know people are getting impatient, but enjoy baseball right now.” -Brett Favre“When I do know, I would tell them as soon as possible — maybe within the next week. It has been a strain on the family as well.”“.

Ok. Fine. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Though, I have two problems with his retirement at this point. First? What happened to going out in a blaze of glory? Last season he threw a career-high 29 interceptions and failed to throw for more than 20 touchdowns for only the second time since 1993. The Packers finished 4-12 for their first losing season since he joined the team in 1992. I’d really, really like to see Farve go out after a stellar year… but one does wonder if he still has it in him. It pains me to say it.

Second? For me, his retirement means one thing. I’m getting old!!! If Farve is at retirement age – – that means I’m getting old! *scream* Ok – ok, I realize that retirement age for an NFL football quarterback is not the same as, say, a banker… but STILL!

Can’t Brett give me just one more year?

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8 thoughts on “Brett still unsure”

  1. Sorry, but I gotta disagree. Brett was great a few years ago, but he should have retired one, if not two, years ago. This last year was a joke, and you’re going to be old regardless… 😡

  2. Well I wrote a long message, but put an arrow and it all was hidden behind that, so I’m not going to bother typing that all again.

    Basically- The team is the reason he had a bad year last year. He was the only thing they had. Drop nearly 60-70 yards per game running, and he has to force things.

    He’s still a top 10 QB if given the tools. Green Bay hasn’t done squat this offseason to help him. He probably should quit now.

    OH, and Javon Walker.. you have to be one of the biggest idiots in the NFL. What a whining pissbaby. I hope he retires.

  3. Let a girl live in the past, woulda Astro? Brett is right up there with Marino – and I still believe that he has it in him. The team last year just sucked – – from head to toe. A team that bad will bring anyone’s spirit down.

    I know I’ll get old regardless…I just want one more year in denial.. please? lol

  4. I think that he’s going to retire, whether you want him to or not. He’s unsure of his game, and it may not bear repeating again this season. Blaze of Glory aside, he’s gotta get out while he can!

    You’re not old if your favorite QB is retiring…your age shows if YOU are retiring!

    Michele sent me today!

  5. Oh.. no… to aid in your own sanity and console your youth… remember that retirement age for sports start and heros is much much younger than those or us with normal lives in normal jobs \:d/

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