You know you’re too flippin’ busy when you don’t have time to breath!

I know I said I wouldn’t do this – – but I have 17 days left! It can’t come any sooner for me, trust me! They decided, at work, that I would cover for one of the nurses who has gone on vacation for two weeks – – which doubles my patient case load. Now, why they wouldn’t split her caseload with three or four of us case managers, I have no idea. But they didn’t. Normally, I have 4-6 patients, on average, to see in a day. This week my days are filled with 10-12 visits each day. (with travel time between patients – – these could be long days)

I told them I’d do the best I could within my 8 hours each day. My boss’s response was “They all need to be seen, so you need to put in as many hours as you need to”. Riiiiight. I’m a salaried employee – – so you’re not going to be seeing me putting in 12-16 hour days anytime soon – – not unless you want to change my status and start paying me for the time I’m putting in? Her response was, “We’ll see what we can do to get you a nurse to help with visits”

She hates me. I know it.

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3 thoughts on “Breath!”

  1. Why is it that once you give your notice, employers feel compelled to make your life hell?

    Two weeks is simple courtesy, but you’ve given them more than that. What a bitch!

  2. I could never understand this but it happens everytime. Someones resigns, then it is can we make their life hell and for what reason, one day you just might need that person…life works in mysterious ways.

  3. Double workload of a salaried person, hey she knows you won’t quit cause you already did. She’s just making the most of you while she can and burning her bridges in the process. Yes, she hates you too, that’s obvious.

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