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Well, since my conversion to WordPress – – it isn’t technically a ‘blogroll’ anymore…but you get my drift. There are blogs that are on my ‘daily’ read list – and then there are the others that I try to visit at least once a week. Tonight, as I wait for my laundry to finish – – I thought I’d blurf my entire blogroll list of links – this should be no small undertaking:

Linda lists 10 bloggers she’d take with her to a desert island.

Sarah has this weeks Thursday Threesome.

Ben is having moral issues with the outlook of this season’s “24”. You’re either with us, or against us, man.

Mr. Mouse with “Mice have nightmares, too.” Who knew?

Ok, now I have officially seen it all. Adding it to my Amazon Wishlist.

Fluffy has taken a nap and feels better. Whew!

In case you’ve never read it, Cait has it, OLD POSSUM’S BOOK OF PRACTICAL CATS by T. S. Eliot. *Mwrow*

Let’s make sure our kids know how to read and write before we start educating them about a Twinkie – Via Cam.

What arrangements will Daisy makes for the day she buys the big one?

Daniel defines snot flingingly rude. New terminology to add to my vocab.

Our soldiers and marines are asking directly for your help. Can you afford to give them a buck, or two?

Suzi reports about Nurse Reporting – and asks the very valid questions about why similar legislation isn’t put in place for physicians, as well?

Democrats have spent the past four years screaming for GWB’s records. They got ’em. Kerry runs on his military service and Geoffrey wants to know where did his records go?

I admit it – I lurk. I promise to be a better blog reader, Lori. 🙂

Blonde bombshell, eh? 😉

Martin has the latest, and greatest, C&F.

Helen writes about the cold, bitterness of the unemployed – – it’s a moving story, and after reading it – – I’m very happy for her that she has moved on to Dream Job. Way to go, Helen!

Did you forget National Administrative Assistant Day? Randy didn’t.

Deb shares a little action movie humor.

Did you know that there are at least twelve aliens in Congress?

Grumpy Bunny is still with us in spirit, if not yet in blog.

Boy celebrates today’s psycho-utopian Earth Day.

(**pant** **pant** I”ve hit the H’s….getting there!)

Frank’s most hated politician.

Christine has many “celebrities” in the world that I would like to smack repeatedly upside the head with a sockful of horseshit. I think she means it too.

Dude! Where’s Your Website? Moore hypocrisy.

Robert evaluates Earth Day. A worthy read.

These are a few of De’s favorite things.

Jason took two quizzes in a row – do we start to worry at 3?

I dunno – – I actually think this might be a pretty good prank. But then, I’m an odd girl, don’t ‘cha know?

Les sheds light on bias against homeschooling. It’s just wrong.

Susan has gone wireless – welcome to freedom, girl!

(**dragging self** I’ve hit the M’s!)

How convenient Woodward would try to preempt the expected seasonal price decline of oil with an imaginary conspiracy between the Saudis and Bush – Says Andy of Maniacal Edge.

Martin added a new album to his collection. Amazing what musical tastes can tell you about a person, hey?

Jamess’ recent post is a most definate read!

From the it’s so stupid, it’s funny bin.

Emmas pet peeve post makes total sense to me, you know what I mean?

OFJ’s take on the draft

I found this over here. Fucking hilarious.

Umm…a cyber Kasey Kasum? Oooook.

Toby nailed it – good for him!

Helen had a dear diary moment where she uses the word “dreamy” to describe a guy. How…dreamy! You have to scroll down to her April 14th entry cuz her archives don’t work.

Beth bitches and complains a lot – – but as an American, feels she has much to be grateful for. Great post, Beth!

Something poetic about the CEO of McDonald’s having a McCoronary.

Go over to Eric’s and expand your vocab

Kelly’s MS is of the rare and benign kind – go give her a blog hug!

Still waiting for the Tarantino update

Makes you thing twice about those co-workers in the cube next to you, hey?

(** I’ve hit the T’s! I’ve hit the T’s!)

Nothing worse than a stalker ex-financial partner. Sheesh.

I love my new iPod – but this is a bit over the top

Blog Herald has an interesting read on Blog Ethics

Sandy was saved by the bell.

RA explores relativism.

Joe also explores the draft.

Spoons rebuilt his wife at least 4 times today. Now he needs a post called “The Titanic” or “The Democratic Party” – or some such stuff.

Go ahead – Save The World In A Day. I dare you.

Todd sums it up in boobs and slopdeydopes. Ooook. Remind me to tan my nipples next time, k?

Apparently, in this case – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Glad it wasn’t more serious!

UptownGirl took my advice – and so far, it worked! Haven’t heard a word otherwise, yet!

Why WordPress? Kate has some mighty fine answers!

Daniel did the book meme – I’m thinking about it.

I donated $20 – you should think about giving a little, too!

Some crazy woman jabs a bone in the general direction of a public official and it’s major news?

WHEW!! That’s the WHOLE blogroll linklist!!!!

Now let’s put my pinger where it’s mouth is and test out that new little .htaccess hack that I put together a few days ago! Happy Blurfing!

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29 thoughts on “Blurfing the Blogroll”

  1. Helen – it took a ridiculously long time. About mid way through I’m thinking “WHY OH WHY??”

    But once I start something – I must finish 🙂

  2. I always stumble over using the word blogroll too. At TypePad they’re called TypeLists but I just can’t abandon the use of “blogroll”. Is there a more generic term I wonder?

  3. Wanted to let you know the advice is working like a charm!

    Thanks for the linky love, Lisa! 🙂

    What a great job you’ve done going through your entire list – – that was a lot of work!

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  7. Why, thankee for the linkage, milady. I haven’t been around here in a while (a terrible thing, I know…I do apologize). Diggin’ on the new design! Lemme guess…you did it yourself!

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