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Looks like blogrolling is updating once again. Yay. Hopefully their services will return to normal – – and perhaps maybe even better (faster?) since the server upgrade and migration. I’ve been a paid user of for quite a long time – – for both of my blogs – I wasn’t ready to give up on them yet!

The one and only criticism that I have about how this migration was handled was the lack of communication with their users. If the migration didn’t go as smoothly as they’d hoped – – and let’s face it, shit does happen – – they really should have made a news post about it to keep their users informed.

I’m insane about that kind of thing. Just this past Saturday – we needed to do an immediate, critical security update on our servers. I sent out a mail to everyone explaining why their services were down – – then 5 minutes later sent out another email to everyone announcing that their services were back up. I think communication about such things goes an extremely long way in making your users understand and feel more confident about their services. If you ignore that important piece of customer service . . . well, you’re just creating more of a problem than there ever would have been to begin with, had you just clarified.

At any rate – I’m happy to have my star back! Must. Have. The. Star!

Update: Here’s the copy of the email I received back from them (I left this email with them 24 hours ago):

We’re back on track now and will be posting a final update to the Breaking News weblog once I finish wading through the support mail. Your right – we blew this upgrade and the communications. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience that we’ve caused you.

Ok then. Back to business as usual.

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5 thoughts on “Blogrolling pt. 2”

  1. Okay, here’s my dumb question of the hour. Do I have to be registed with Blogrolling or anything for my website to update on everyone’s blog rolls? That may sound kind of elementary, and may be why no stars have shown up next to my name, despite the posts I’ve posted in the last hour.

  2. I’m still lagging to blogrolling. I updated my blog and it isn’t recognizing it yet – – I even went to their site and used the ping form and it said my ping failed because I already pinged them – – so now I want my star! *whine* 😉

  3. What’s the trick to putting Blogrolling “rolls” into Word Press? Right now, I use the built-in feature and I like it fine, but I *must. *Have. *Stars. Heh.

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