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Blog Babies: If your blog mated with another blog, what would the baby’s name be? For example, if Cup of Chicha married A Whole Lotta Nothing, the blogbaby might be “A Whole Cup of Nothing”. Can you think of others?

If Just A Girl In The World mated with . . . .

Uptown Girl = Uptown World.
Downtown Chick Chat = Just a Chick Chatting in the World
Dare my Wild Heart = Wild Hearted Girl Dares the World.
Bitchalicious = Bitch World.
YaYaEmpress = Just a Girl in a YaYaWorld.
Jeanette’s Journey = Jeneatte’s Journey in a Girl’s World.
Miss Apropos = Apropos in a Girl’s World.
Six Meat Buffet = Girl Eats Meat in a Buffet World.
Drama Queen = Drama Queen is back!!! Ok, no, that’s not it… umm…. Drama Girl in a Just World.

Ok – that should do it for now. Never realized that I have such a boring name for a blog!

10 thoughts on “Blogliners – Blog Babies”

  1. Lets see. Mine is Rightwingsparkle so…
    Uptown Girl=RightUptownwingGirl
    Downtown Chick Chat=Rightwing Chick Chat
    Dare My Wild Heart=Dare My wild Heart Sparkle
    Bitchalicious=RightwingBichaliciousSparkle (thats my favorite):lol:
    YaYa Empress=RightwingYaYaSparkle
    Jeanettes Journey=Jeanettes journey sparkle
    Mrs. Apropos=Rightwing Apropos Sparkle
    Six Meat Buffet=Six Meat Buffet Sparkle
    Drama Girl=Rightwing Drama Girl

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