SixApart Creates Buzz

It was all over the place yesterday, in case you missed it – here’s a bit of a blog round up on the release of MT 4 Beta – along with the announcement that they will release it as Open Source under a GPL license later this year – and the emergence of the MTOS (Movable Type Open Source) Community: Paul Enderson wrote Movable Type Goes Open Source – “Ironically enough, up until the release of MT 3.0 many users treated the software as open-source – despite the fact that it wasn’t official. When SixApart decided to enforce the licence […]

Transfer First … Cancel Second

Just a little tip. . . If you host your website with a hosting provider and you want to transfer to a new hosting provider – please do the following, in order: Back up your data and transfer from your current host to your new host Cancel your hosting account with your current host. If you do not do it in that order – you run the risk of losing your data. If you cancel first and then try to transfer after – you may find that your current web host did exactly what you asked them to do – […]

Backlogged..just a little bit

It’s amazing what one full week of being down with a serious cold/flu can do to a persons productivity – oy! It’s lots of coffee and late, late nights for me for the next several days just to catch up to where I need to be. I’m currently working on a WordPress MU site design and setup for a client of mine. I’m pretty excited about it because this is really the first WordPress MU site development that I’ve done for a client. I’ve toyed with MU quite a lot in the past, but nothing too serious. And, of course, […]

Essentially Me

Char at Essential Keystrokes does a really nice and helpful feature every week called “Essential Tools” which highlights tools people use for success in their day to day lives that help them with productivity, organization and getting the job done. She’s featured some great people and put the spotlight on some really useful tools. Char features a new person every Wednesday and if you haven’t read Char’s Essential Tools features – there is no time like the present! Especially because this week’s feature is yours truly – what more reason do you need? Plus – in this weeks feature, I […]

Getting to Know You

“Face Behind the Blogger” collection was started by Dave Airey because blogging is truly international, and the chances of meeting the people behind your favorite blogs are slim, a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations. Stevie (revenge) tagged me with it about a week ago – I figured it was time to pony up the goods over here. It took me a while to find some older pictures of myself – – ones that were not scanned, I simply laid out on the table and took […]

Recent WordPress Plugins

Since my redesign, I’ve been experimenting with a few new plugins here, and thought I’d share a few of my findings and fun. Some of the plugins, you won’t even notice because they work in the background controlling things like spam and spammy visitors to this site. Others are put in place to make my life a little easier and your experience a little more fun! Here are some of the WordPress plugins I’ve recently installed on this site: U Comment, I Follow: this plugin is by Randa Clay and it destroys the “nofollow” attribute assigned to links left in […]

Blog Design – It Ain't What Your Mama Taught You

Well.. ok – my Mama didn’t teach me anything about blog design, but boy my job sure has changed in the past 4’s not what it used to be. Gone are the days of very simple templates for blogs (ala’ Blogspot defaults) and in came the days of full blown Content Management Systems (CMS) with all this wild functionality that wasn’t possible 4 years ago. Tagging.. social bookmarking.. podcasting.. video blogging.. Websites turned to blogs and blogs seem to be turning back into websites, with the extra added kick of social networking, interaction and easy multimedia updates and additions. […]

Who says blogs aren't useful?

Blogs ARE useful! If I didn’t know this before – I know it now. How do I know this? Back in April of this year – I did this post about my engagement ring irritating the skin underneath it. It was really very bothersome to me and for the longest time (even after we got married) I couldn’t wear it. Well, I could wear it for a few days – until the blister and rash started showing up again – then I’d have to take it off for a week or two until it healed. I could then wear it […]

Akismet Bug Fixed

Over the past 24 hours, WordPress users who utilize the Akismet plugin experienced a mass influx of spam (this blog included). We’ve received just a ton of help tickets in our Support Center about the amount of spam they’ve received. This was an Akismet issue and they’ve posted about it on their blog, including a statement that the problem has been resolved: Akismet blog: Downtime Comment/trackback spam is very frustrating – however, when Akismet experiences a ‘burp’ such as this – there’s not much to be done except ride out the storm. And what a storm it was! Akismet is […]

Upright and breathing

Since returning from our honeymoon last month, blogging here has been light, at best. I’ve gotten a few emails asking if I’m ever going to start blogging here regularly again. It seems since my return, I have very little time on my hands for actual blogging – – I’ve been mostly posting pictures and such. To say the least, things have been downright hectic and busy around these parts. I love blogging – and really enjoy the interaction . . . but this blog is low on my list of priorities at the moment. Back in March – I went […]

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