WordPress For Dummies: The Never Ending Story

When I was approached to write the WordPress For Dummies book back in 2006, I was excited.. and scared. WordPress is a platform that I love…and, even more, I enjoy sharing the joys of WordPress to those who are new to the platform. Whether you’re making the move from another blogging platform to WordPress.. or just starting a blog for the very first time – – people that I work with are always amazed and excited with all the possibilities that WordPress holds for their site. It’s really a phenomenal tool. The fact that it is free — and the […]

5 Years, and counting

It’s all the rage in the blogosphere to celebrate Blogiversaries. What IS a blogiversary? It’s the anniversary of your blog, of course! Today is my 5th year blogging here at Five years – how old does that make me in blog years? To celebrate – I’m giving away 5 autographed copies of my soon-to-be-released book, WordPress For Dummies. One book for every year I’ve been blogging here. More about that later, though. Actually, I’ve been blogging on this domain much longer than that (more like 8 years), but my archives only go back to October 28, 2002. Why? Back […]

Hello Monday!

We’re home from our Myrtle Beach vacation. It was SO nice – the weather was beautiful and I got a decent tan. We played a lot in the surf and took moonlit walks on the beach every night, just because we could. There wasn’t a whole lot of vacation activity – we just took the entire week slow and enjoyed the time away. We didn’t get any diving in last week at all – – the storms they experienced there made the visibility less than zero. There is no shore diving to be had in South Carolina and the one […]

Myrtle Beach or Bust

Leaving on a jet plane….. at exactly 7:05 AM tomorrow morning, Chris and I are hopping a plane and scooting our collective asses outta Wisconsin for 5 days. To be very honest, this isn’t the best time for a vacation. I have gobs of client work to complete and I’m still in the final throes of book editing – but an opportunity came up that we just couldn’t turn down. A friend of ours had a week open on a condo rental on the beach in Myrtle Beach and offered it, fully knowing that I needed a sanity break, else […]

Resolution Matters

Over the weekend I had to reshoot all of the artwork for the book because, for several reasons I just won’t go into (who needs book authoring drama?), my artwork was rejected by the art department. I cannot begin to tell you how demoralizing that is for a designer! Heh. At any rate, the publishing company gives you a very strict set of requirements about how your monitor and system needs to be set before you even THINK to begin shooting figures for print. Since Friday, my screen resolution has been set to 1024×768. I finished shooting the last of […]

8 Things You Don't Know About Me

My good friend, Chelle tagged me with this meme, who was tagged first by Kate – who was. . . well, yea – you get the picture. For this one, I need to come up with 8 things you do not know about me – and since I’ve been blogging here on this same domain for the past 5, that might be difficult.. but I’ll try and see if I can come up with something you don’t know – or cant’ find already posted in my archives. I met my husband, Chris, via the internet in January 2001. He lived […]

Interviewed on VOISD

A few months back, Mike from the VOISD Webmaster Blog, requested an interview with me – which I was happy to participate in. We discuss my experiences as a freelance designer and my company, E.Webscapes – as well as my upcoming, soon-to-be-released, book, WordPress for Dummies, due to be published in September ’07. We talk about WordPress and why it is such a popular tool to use and whether or not I feel the freelance design market is saturated since the ‘blog boom’. Mike also has published a few other articles and interviews that were interesting: How to Automate Your […]

Quick Update

Just a quickie today . . I’m pressed (shoved? smashed?) against some hard deadlines today. Coffee.. coffee and MORE coffee please! Last week, I mentioned a radio interview that I did on SRD Radio with my good friend, Dave Chadwick. Dave has the episode up and live today so you can go and listen and gawk at what a dork I sound like in audio. Be nice, though – I was nervous! Here is a rundown of Dave’s show for this week: I talk about how I gained 50 pounds in 5 years and how I intend to lose it […]

Sandbox Designs Competition

Scott Allan Wallick and Andy Skelton recently announced a competition for creating style sheets for the Sandbox theme for WordPress – The Sandbox Designs Competition For those of you not familiar with The Sandbox – it is a WordPress theme, only naked – leaving you, the creative designing geniuses that you are, to dress it up. Though it is so much MORE than just simply naked – – its pure and gorgeous, in all its semantic glory. A perfect starting point for themers from the novice to the experienced.. and all points in between. Why do I sense the beginning […]

Yet Another Photo Blog (YAPB) – WordPress Plugin

All work & no play. . makes me kinda grumyish, ya know? So, I took a bit of a break yesterday and gave a complete overhaul to my photoblog, It was fun, quick and easy – I wanted the design to be VERY light and simple. I am pretty sure I succeeded with that –you don’t get much more light and simple than this: While you are at it – check out a few of the photos I have posted recently: A little history… The photoblog started in 2005 and it was powered by WordPress one point something back […]

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