Re-do again

Ok – so I redid the blog…..AGAIN! Ever since I’ve been building blog templates for my site, over at EW – I have changed this site’s look twice so far. Someday, I’ll make a decision and stick with one look for the site – – until then, I might have a new look every week, at this rate!


Time to change the look of the site, I think. I’ve been working on new templates over at EW – and I’m beginning to finally get the hang of the whole CSS concept. Time to apply it here and stop using someone else’s template when I’m perfectly able to create my own. Talk about lazy! Actually, it was a thought I had early last week – – right before my processor took a shit on me. Well…not literally, but ya know what I mean. My processor fried and my PC has been nothing more than a paperweight ever since. #102 […]

New Project

I decided to start in with the design stuff again – – only this time, a bit more updated than some of the stuff I used to do. Not sure how long this project will last – – I bore easily, it seems. This is my fourth official graphic design website. I’ve closed the other three. Well, actually this current one is a re-vamped version of the old one….but I might as well consider it closed, because it was so outdated it’s hilarious. Here’s the new site: Elegant Webscapes – – don’t expect a lot…I just started it yesterday! 🙂


Don’t you just love friends who talk to you about stuff that will eventually make your weekend horrendous? I don’t really blame Vinny, though – he’s just trying to be helpful. But after our conversation – I’m considering making the jump. And true to my usual self, when I want to do something I do it now – not later . . . so I’m thinking maybe this weekend? He and I talked a great deal this week about WordPress tonight – – and am spending some time at that site and browsing through the forums to see if it’s […]

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