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Just popped in at home – taking a break in the work day. I have to head back to the office for a meeting at 3pm. I really dislike end of the day meetings – – it really puts a kink in my plans to skip out early and be home by 2pm! Oh, by the way – – I have SIX working days left!

So, I’m having a bit of coffee and randomly surfing around at some of the blogs in my roll:

Live! From The Blogger’s Corner – – fellow bloggers have recieved their credentials and have been invited to blog LIVE! from the Republican National Convention. How completely awesome! Kudos to Michele, Kevin, Matt, Scott and Ed!! Not that I want to put pressure on you all – – but make us proud! How fun!

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2 thoughts on “Bloggin' The RNC”

  1. Thanks for the well wishes. As a self-proclaimed “biased media” I plan to listen to those on our side and address a lot of their issues. If you have suggestions, email them to me. I’ve gotten some good ones so far.

    Top request: Most people say don’t focus on the other bloggers.

  2. Excellent point and good advice you recieved, Scott. Focus on your own perspective and no worries about what the others are doing.

    Besides – – when I’m reading your coverage (and Michele’s, Ed’s, Kevin’s, Matt’s, etc) I dont’ want to read about the same things – – I really can’t wait to see the different perspectives from each of you.

    Good luck!

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