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One final blurf for the night. For reasons of extreme lack of graphic design creativity (umm…Designer’s Block?), when working on designing a web site for my newest client . . I decided to blurf the web.

I decided to blog about my blurf that I found via Suzi – because the newest addition to my blogroll is a first. Bloggin’ Doc, if in fact he is a doctor….I have my doubts because no Orthopod I know has the time to blog. Not too mention that any Orthopod I know would consider blogging activity to be so far beneath them that to find one actually blogging might mean that they’re on an extended leave of absence for leaving a few sponges underneath the sutures, if ya know what I mean? *nod*

Ok – my attitude about Orthopod’s is a little jaded and cynical because I have yet to meet one that I actually like. Ask any Registered Nurse and they’ll tell ya – – Orthopod’s walk on water, don’tchaknow? They sign it ‘M.D.’ but what they really mean is ‘G.O.D.’ – – get my drift?

Bad attitude, I know. Nothing against Bloggin’ Doc, I’m sure he’s a fine guy. And to prove how open minded and optimistic I am – I’ve blogrolled him. I’ll read him for awhile and determine if 1.) He’s actually an Orthopod (and not a student or a wannabe Ortho, etc, etc) and 2.) If an Orthopod can actually be a nice guy.

I know, I know – – just call me Bitch, RN.

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  1. Well, now…
    I know a number of orthopods who are actually nice guys and good docs. My job requires me to attend appointments with injured workers – most of the docs are orthpods treating stuff like rotator cuff tears, carpal tunnel, knee and back injuries. Maybe having so many of us case managers coming in has mellowed them out. Or maybe they realize that they’d better be nice to us if they want to get authorizations for surgeries for the patients. Lol. I’ve run into a few that are uptight, but most of the ones I deal with are truly OK.

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