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A trolling of some of my favorite blogs . . . this might become a weekly thing.

Vincent’s is a good read – this week, I especially enjoyed his post on the miserable failures of a few of the 10 dwarfs currently vying for position as the Democrat front-runner.

Kelly creeps out over coincidental black-outs.

Go ahead, participate in Ipse Dixit’s weekly caption contest – you know you wanna!

Pinky is baaaaa–aaaa–ck!! Missed your babbles, chickie!

Chelle is having a Dennis Miller Love-In over at her site.

Susan provides info for the misdirected Luther searchers.

I think Cam’s GOP Babe of the Week entry should be a regular, weekly addition to his site! *yumm*

Rori enlightens on the Christian Hanky Code – – who knew?

TheBigMan has one of the grossest stories I’ve heard thus far. And I’m a nurse – you’d think I could handle it!

And finally, for all of you who have emailed – – yes, I am that Lisa. It’s ok to come out of the closet now, Cam – I’ve been outted! It kinda feels goodish, in a way.

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