Pay me to chat

December 8, 2005 * 7 Comments

I was contacted a few weeks ago by the folks at Harris Interactive to participate in a moderated discusison about emerging web technologies. Basically, it’s a Q&A online discussion that they are conducting for market research purposes. They found me via E.Webscapes – dropped me an email and asked if I would be interested in participating in the A part of the Q&A – – and they’d pay me to do it. With dollar signs attached and the opportunity to talk about a subject that I love and am totally obsessed with – – of course I agreed! One hour […]

Thurs. 13

December 8, 2005 * 21 Comments

Here’s my 13 bits for this week: Ya know, I dabble a bit in a little blog design now and then . . and to celebrate the coming New Year – – I’m giving one away for free. The instructions to enter for the free blog design are easy – you can read about them here. And don’t worry – the second runner up gets a prize, too! I opened up a Flickr account last week, just for fun. I’ve no idea why I did it – since I already have a Photoblog of my own that I’ve been keeping […]

New Year Cheer

December 3, 2005 * 5 Comments

This is just our little way of saying thank you as we enter into our 4th year of business! A snippet from the Design Blog: E.Webscapes New Year’s Blog Give-Away! Yes, you heard read that correctly! Around the virtual office, here at E.Webscapes – we LOVE goals, plans and looking forward to all the exciting and new things the future brings! What better way to celebrate the coming New Year than for us to offer up a free blog?!? It’s right up our alley! Here’s the deal – the offer is open to the person with the best New Year’s […]


August 8, 2005 * 6 Comments

We have a new addition at E.Webscapes that I’m very excited about! Becca hails from the far east in Hong Kong and brings with her a wealth of amazing talent and abilities with blog design and creation. She is knowledgeable and perfectly comfortable with most all the popular blogging platforms available today – and adapts extremely well and quickly to programs yet-unknown. You can view her personal blog here at Beccary and get a taste of some of the fabulous work she does by opening her “Goodies” bag and viewing her WordPress themes available for download, as well as her […]

Once Again . . .

August 2, 2005 * 0 Comments

Interested? Know someone who might be? Click here for more details

You HAD to be there

May 19, 2005 * 14 Comments

So. I hired more new talent at E.Webscapes. Sick of hearing about it yet? I’m not – – we’re rockin’ over there! Check out this. And then after you’ve done that – check out this. We”ve brought Ms. Artist Extraordinaire on board at E.Webcapes where she will wield her mighty brush, pen, ink and whatever other medium she uses over there to bring custom illustrations to life. I’m excited. She recently bought this cool Wacom tablet to do illustrations on. She just tried it out. She was so excited to show me. The conversation went something like this: leanne : […]

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