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Blog Clicker - Increase your traffic!

A new and fun alternative to Blog Explosion. I found out about it from Reilly It’s called Blog Clicker – – I’ve been doing it for a day – and so far, so good.

If you like to surf . . and want more traffic – – and want to find new and fun blogs – check ’em out!

Gak! Another blog-addiction!

UPDATE – – I’ve won well over 300 credits on this thing already . .. kind of like Blog Explosion before they got HUGE. This will probably get huge, too – – but I’ll enjoy the winning for now until that happens! Winning is addicting as I sit here and work and surf. 😉

Blog Clicker - Increase your traffic!

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17 thoughts on “Blog Clicker”

  1. Blog Clicker is a joke. Anybody can start a site like that for $250. Look at the bottom of their page and click on the link. It will take you to where they got the software for the site. Before you know it there will be thousands of these traffic exchanges. It’s all going to cheapen blogs and I for one will not support it.

  2. Hey, that comment above was in all the blogs advertising Blog Clicker i’ve popped into. I think it’s some bot created by Blog Explosion fearing competence.

    Anyway… hell yeah this is addictive. I found you through one of those evil engines myself. And i keep posting comments in most of them. What did i actually want to say here…? Oh yeah. Nice design. I like the hostess.

  3. yeah but it’s all of the people who rushed over to BE before it became big. Granted, it’s like old home week, and it’s fun to see the same people but . . .oh, never mind. I’m just in a party pooper mood.

  4. Man, you have won credits? I have been surfing a while now and haven’t one ANY!! (although your site does show up about every other click ;)) LOL

  5. I <3 BC! I’ve won 300 credits, so far!

    PLUS as far as I can tell, so far none of the owners/employees bitches about how stupid the blogs are that the have to approve for submission. Imagine trying to promote something like BE and then having one of the employees bloggin a big deal about how stupid and idiotic these blogs are that want to be a member. Nice marketingplan man.

    Go BC!

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