What is worse than taking a big gulp from a cup of Starbucks coffee and realizing that it’s just plain coffee when you’re expecting your favorite quad-shot Carmel Machiatto??


* spit *

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18 thoughts on “Blech!”

  1. Spit? Well, I guess that answers that question that was left out of those five threads that Jeanette keeps re-reading… 😈

  2. Stop wasting your money on fancy flavours you dont need. Grab a jar of “blend 37” from the supermarket, try it, its good. Mmmm black coffee….

  3. There’s coffee and there’s mocha. There ain’t no carmely foo foo wannabe coffee stuff that’s worth drinking! 😛

    If it needs to be a flavor other than coffee or chocolate, there’s teas! Mmmmmmmm. Chai tea. Mmmmmmmmmm. :mrgreen:

  4. Have a friend who’s currently doing Chai tea with a shot of expresso in it. I gotta remember to try that one of these days…

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