Birthday Stuf


It was a good 21st, again.

Actually – I turned 36 today. I’m not one to obsess over birthdays – never have been. Aging is normal. I’m also never one to fret about things I have absolutely no control over — and I have no control over the aging thing, whatsoever. So, I never really understood the whole birthday depression, thing. I’ve seen friends go through it once they hit 30…or 40. Why bother stressing over it? It’s a fact of life – nothing you can do but let it happen. In my opinion, it’s what you fill those years with that is the important part. The people, the experiences – the things that give your life substance and meaning…those are things I have control over and can do something about.

So, yea – I’m 36. Old, hey? 😉

Chris suprised me with a purchase of raw lumber. Every girls dream, is it not?

…..”Oh darling! Lumber!”

Along the side of our driveway coming up to the house – we have an 18 foot red brick retaining wall. It is nicely landscaped above the wall into the yard and the driveway is beneath the wall. The driveway is pretty wide. He bought the lumber because he’s going to build an 18 foot stepped planter so that I can fill it with dirt and fill it with pretty flowers and things when he is finished. He knows I love to do that sort of thing — and the fact that he’s building it all himself … well, it’s awfully sweet.

Aside from that – – just to appeal to the girl in me, he is treating me to a full day at a day spa. Hmm…blog pictures of me in a mud bath? Anything is possible…..

Oh – and I won the pool at work. All the ladies I work with were absolutely certain that Chris was going to propose on my birthday. I said there is no way he’d do that – – I know him better. He’d never do something as predictable as doing it on my birthday. They disagreed — so the idiots started a pool on what time of the day it was going to happen. I joined the pool — asserting that it wasn’t going to happen at all.

Of course, I was right. And I collect my winnings and am able to gloat come Monday morning! That’s what they get for being nosey co-workers. Bonus! 😀

Have a great weekend all!

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  2. One of my most precious gifts from my husband was a bookcase he built for me this year. He even hand carved a design on the lower cabinet doors. I love a man that can be handy! 🙂

  3. If you were here – you woulda joined the pool, too. You were certain I’d get a ring – – and what’d I say?

    I said..Nooooooooooo way. Didn’t I? 😛

    Besides – it’s not time, and you know it lol

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