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Finally tomorrow is my day of release!

I’ve been sitting on my bum since Thursday night with this ankle injury and tomorrow is day three and a half of my 3-4 day restriction. Ok – so I’m pushing it just a little bit – – but I am on the mend. Able to bear weight on it without crying and the swelling and pain have gone down considerably. So tomorrow it’s back to work for me – sporting my fashionable and new air splint! Waahoo.

It’s time, don’t ya think? I’ve redesigned my template (again) and implemented the hide/show collapsable comment script and designed a couple of new templates for people who wanted them. Updated TONS on my strictly political site. I also finished up the work on my boss’s website, along with all the marketing materials – all 500 of them! Plus obtained work from an old client that will keep me busy for a long time coming.

Even though I’ve been on my ass, for the most part – I think I’ve been rather productive doing so. I’m not the only one, either — go check out Chelle’s new digs! I spoke a while ago about converting to WordPress – but haven’t done so because of my complacency and comfort with MT, at the moment. But Chelle got all gutsy and went off and did it! Kudos to a job well done – and thanks for showing me up as the lazy MT user that I am!

So, now I’m sitting back with a cup of hot cocoa – spiked with a selfish amount of peppermint McGillicuddy’s – happy in the fact that I’ll actually breath real, fresh air tomorrow!

Yay for me.

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6 thoughts on “Be thankful”

  1. I’ve been thinking of switching to MT. But am afeared of all the spammage – only read a few comments from some people who’ve loaded that blacklist.

    Do you think its worth it for the MT stuff?

  2. Personally, I love MT. I was the victim of spammage not too long ago – 1900+ pieces of spam in a two day period, as a matter of fact. But that was from an intentional spammer who was trying to flood my system.

    The scripts are completely configurable to help avoid that.

    MT-Blacklist works perfectly well against just regular, non-solicited spam advertisements as long as you keep an up to date spam list in it – – kinda like upgrading your virus program every week or so.

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