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Since I’m laid up with this ankle injury and Chris and the kids have abandonded me for the ski hill (feel sorry for me yet?) – I figured I’d just hang out and blog for the day. I’m under orders not to put any weight whatsoever on this foot – do you know how hard that is? I’m not one to sit still, ya know (yet?).

So, they set me up with my coffee maker right here in my office – a few snacks, so that I don’t have to get up and go anywhere while they are gone. (yet?) Of course, if I have to make a run to the bathroom – I’m on my own. Just me and my crutches.

Anyways – here’s my Saturday blurfing for the day with a Valentine theme, even if I don’t believe in the holiday:

Go over and wish Daisy Happy Valentine’s AND Happy Birthday – today she gets a double whammy!

PETA stupid??? Suzi thinks so!

G. has Swan Lake – Liberal Style.

Have adventurous dreams? Goldie does too.

Boy has Letter from a Terrorists over at, which should serve to remind us what the REAL news of the week is. Run, Terrorist, Run!

I don’t care what Christine says – that picture of Ms. Piggy is just wrong!

Anyone know how you can be too mainstream . . . and yet, too extreme at the very same time? Vinny says you can’t win, for losing.

Susan has a post about Radio Blog that she found over at Dizzy Girl’s that looks rather fun.

Chelle has had a radio blog for a long time, where I rediscovered my love of Supertramp.

Lawren solved that bulky blouse syndrome for me – – thanks, L! I bought two!

Go wish UptownGirl a HVD – she’s got a big heart on for you!

Whew – I think I’m done! Now I must find something else to entertain myself with – ideas???

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5 thoughts on “Be My Valentine”

  1. Thanks, Goldie & Daisy. My ankle is on the mend – – so far, so good.

    Goldie, I do hope to make it back on those slopes as early as next weekend! I’m optimistic 🙂

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