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It’s amazing what one full week of being down with a serious cold/flu can do to a persons productivity – oy! It’s lots of coffee and late, late nights for me for the next several days just to catch up to where I need to be.

I’m currently working on a WordPress MU site design and setup for a client of mine. I’m pretty excited about it because this is really the first WordPress MU site development that I’ve done for a client. I’ve toyed with MU quite a lot in the past, but nothing too serious. And, of course, I had to do some serious picking apart of the software and its functions for the WordPress for Dummies book. This site is fun to do and I’m excited to launch it soon.

I’m also extremely happy to announce that I’ve hired two new designers at E.Webscapes! I posted the open positions a little over a month ago and got some very good responses on it and really appreciate everyone who applied for the design position(s) very much. It’s always so difficult to find the right candidates for the work we do – all the folks who applied are great people with varying levels of skill and talents – but we found two great folks who are willing to let me abuse their design skillz and I’m thrilled. Big, warm welcomes to Joni Ang and Dino Latoga who both joined the E.Webscapes team this week.

Tonight, I was interviewed by a long-time friend and client, Dave Chadwick from Sugar Ray Dodge. Dave has been a client of mine for several years and recently started his own internet radio podcast show with ISPN Media – – if you haven’t heard of it, you have now – and if you are a fan of podcasts, you should def. check Dave’s show, SRD Radio, out because he is one helluva guy . . very funny and entertaining to boot! His show airs every Friday – and hey, you can start listening to his show next Friday (June 8th) because he’ll be broadcasting an interview with yours truly. Of course, I say that now without having listened to the final product. I was nervous and hope it didn’t show too badly on his show. I do have to say that I had a great time talking to Dave – he’s such a cool dude.

I also broke down and created a Facebook account (Aaron told me that’s where all the cool kids are). I’ve really never been one for this whole social network thing. Never had a MySpace account – maybe its my fear of having one of those things and then never having anyone ‘friend’ me. Heh. But I do have a few social-ish type accounts with Twitter, a couple of Squidoo sites, Flickr and now Facebook. Why? I’m unsure. Like I have time to keep these things updated, hey? haha – but, hey – there they are… add me and I’ll add you – promise!

Big plans for the weekend?:

  • Catching up on client work that needs doing
  • Gardening and otherwise digging in the dirt/rolling in the mud
  • Maybe…just maybe… we’ll take the boat out on the lake for the first time this year

Have a GREAT weekend!

14 thoughts on “Backlogged..just a little bit”

  1. Hey Lisa! Thanks again! 🙂 I know what you mean about not having the time (in my case, the desire and the time) to update these sites. So I try not to sign up at every social networking site that springs up. lol

  2. I usually join up with these sites and then abandon them, they are usually too much of a distraction, especially on MySpace when you get so many pointless memes and spam from groups wanting to be added as ‘friends’.
    I have heard that Facebook is much better and may well decide to give them a try, any chance of a link to your page? ^:)^

  3. Joni – we’re thrilled to have you 🙂 I totally hear ya on the updating of those types of sites . . really, why bother when you already have a blog, right? Though, I am finding that I’ve gotten to know a couple dozen new people met through those sites who may not have normally found my regular blog – or vice versa. 🙂

  4. Wow, I love your new design. I totally need to hire you to do my site. I love your comment boxes especially!

    Good luck with the WPMU client. You do such great work. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

  5. Awww, Jenny – thank you! I finished up the WPMU client this morning – – just waiting on his final approval before we go live with it 🙂 It was really a fun project to do!

  6. That rocks, Dave – thank you 🙂 I listened to the file you sent of just my interview – but now am going to listen to the reset of your show!:)>-

  7. OK, I’m clicking on your link so that we can be friends on Facebook, but for some reason it’s not working. So, search for me and friend me!!! Thanks 😡

  8. Well i signed up to Facebook, but I think the link you provided is to your own ‘login’ page rather than your public profile, at least I assume that’s the problem.
    I will try and find you via search.

  9. I had a look at the source code and it should be right but for some reason it doesn’t sem to go to your profile. Have you set the page as private or anything?
    Anyways,here’s mine (hope that worked) so maybe you can “friend” me? :-ss

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